The Importance of Spring Rituals

Just as any other season, spring is a time to set new intentions and prepare for different energy moving forward into the season. Spring is a very special season because it is a time where new life is planted, the days become longer, the sun becomes warmer, and the beauty of nature becomes even more prevalent. Some may even say the spring is the time of awakening, healing, and renewal. It marks the season of regeneration and growth. Keeping this in mind, it is easier to understand the many spring cleaning rituals, setting new intentions, and celebrating a new day. 

Spring cleaning clears your space of the heaviness that it could have accumulated during the year so far. During every season, there can be new or greater feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, and negativity that can consume your personal space. Clearing the area of those old negative feelings allows more room for positivity to make its way in. Methods of spring cleaning include burning sage in your room with open windows to diffuse negative energy and allow them to leave, speaking positivity into your space by saying a phrase such as "I welcome positive energy into this space." or "I am (name) please help me create a safe and sacred space in this place.", cleaning your space, getting rid of old clothing, and building an altar of crystals, flowers, and a special candle are great ways to welcome new, better energy into your space. 

Being that spring is a time of new beginnings and regeneration, this is a great reason for celebration. Celebrate the season out loud by having a feast with loved ones, having a self-care day, or any other activities that make bringing in spring a true celebration. The season has the chance to offer you so much growth and positivity, showing gratitude in advance will attract those aspects even more. It is truly a new season, a new day to invite the most prosperous energy into your life. 

The spring equinox is the time in which Persephone comes out of the ground to emerge as a fertile maiden. If you aren't familiar with the story of Persephone, the Goddess of equinoxes, it is important to know that her journey in becoming a fair maiden took her going through many cycles of growth to get to that point. One of the overall lessons in her journey is that if you attempt to remain in perpetual youth, you cannot mature into the empowerment of adulthood. If you refuse to allow yourself to grieve, you cannot heal and move into new ways of being. With that being said, connecting to your inner child is very important during the beginning stages of spring. Not only are you bound to be more open and in tune with your feelings, this connection to your inner child could open you up to so many emotional aspects that have been holding you back. One way to get in tune with your inner child is to do shadow work. Shadow work is a very complex journey in itself but, in summary, it can be done by journaling and asking yourself questions about yourself including "what are the things I dislike about myself?", "Why do I react to certain things the way that I do?", "Why do I consistently manage to let myself down in this particular area?", etc. These questions allow you to examine the negative and positive aspects of yourself. Many of our most negative traits are caused by how we were treated as a child. Honor your inner child by spending time with them as well as doing something you would enjoy when you were a child such as dancing, going on an adventure, or riding a bike. 

In conclusion, springtime is a time for setting new and better intentions so that all of the new growth and regeneration has room to settle and manifest. Set intentions and speak positivity into all of the things you touch this season and you will see the great and positive outcomes come to be true. Practice these rituals to shake your space and mind of the stresses and negativity surrounding and within you and know that there is a magnitude of purpose in doing so. The winter brings so many people into feelings of depression and sadness, as the sun brings greater warmth and the colors outside become brighter, you have the chance to do the same. Happy spring!