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Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton
Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton
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I Went to the Queen’s Ball and Had the Time of My Life

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Bridgerton Experience sign
Original photo by Vernesha Brown

After purchasing my tickets months ago and seeing countless TikToks, I finally got to attend The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience. My friends and I are huge fans of the show, so when we heard it was coming to Atlanta, we were excited to purchase our tickets. Everything from purchasing your tickets to finding out the location and receiving special access to the website made it feel like you were personally invited to attend the ball.

When you first walk in, it immediately feels like you are being welcomed into the Queen’s Ball like the Bridgertons. The venue was beautifully decorated with flowers, lights, and chandeliers, and the actors were dressed in amazing costumes. It was also incredible to see all the other guests dressed in ballgowns, tiaras, satin gloves and top hats.

In the first room, you are allowed to take photos in three different areas. You are given 90 minutes in this room until you are ushered into the ballroom. While every option was beautiful, my favorite was being able to get an 1813-esque portrait of yourself. The photo resembles an oil painting, and you can choose any pose you like. There are even a few edits you can make.

Even though I truly enjoyed being able to take memorable photos with my friends, I loved the rest of the experience even more. In the next room, you can meet the queen and the Royal Navy. There is a long red carpet for you to walk down before you see the beautiful queen and give her a smile and courtesy/bow. In this room, you are also taught how to do a few dances with a partner. These dances may be the only reason I suggest this may not be the best event to attend solo.

After meeting the queen you are ushered into the ballroom where she takes her seat on the throne. There are also live musicians that play modern hits just like in Bridgerton. While in this room the live performance begins and you get to see a love story similar to Daphne and Simon’s. It was filled with dancing and passion. During their performance, they pull lucky spectators onto the floor to dance with them. However, don’t be afraid of getting bored because they give you many opportunities to get on the dance floor. The performers teach several dances and there’s even a soul train line.

Queen at Bridgerton experience
Original photo by Vernesha Brown

Once the two love birds get the queen’s approval they seal their union with a kiss. After this, they leave the dance floor and the queen makes her way to the dance floor to choose the Diamond of the Ball from the audience. The diamond is plucked from the audience, taken to the stage and then showered in applause and confetti. Once she exits the stage all the performers are brought to the dance floor to end their performance. However, the night isn’t over yet. All of the guests are welcomed to the ballroom floor to dance to the live music and party like it’s 1813. Dancing with friends is the perfect way to end the night.

Bridgerton Experience performers kissing
Original photo by Vernesha Brown

The one thing I regret about my experience was that I did not understand the instructions so I wasn’t able to meet the queen face to face. When they said we had 90 minutes in the first room I assumed that we were only able to take photos during that time. Even though I only spent about 35 minutes in the first room, by the time I moved on to the next room the queen was moving onto the ballroom. However, everything else was perfect. I am also super happy that I did not choose to get VIP tickets. While my feet were hurting from standing all night (be sure to wear comfortable shoes), I was able to stand in the front row throughout the whole performance. The VIPs did have seats, but they were pretty far away from the ballroom floor.

If you’ve been wondering if this experience would be worth it, I am here to tell you that it definitely is. If you love Bridgerton and want a night out with your friends, family or significant other it would be perfect. The Queen’s Ball will be in Atlanta until labor day weekend, but if you live elsewhere be on the lookout for when it’s coming to a city near you!

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