Hypebae — How Streetwear is Influencing Women's’ Fashion

Since 2012, the term "hypebeast," has been used to characterize a person who follows the latest trends and collects clothing, shoes, and accessories from popular streetwear brands.

In 2019, we came to see more women participate in the male-dominated hobby and coin terms such as “hypebae” to establish themselves in the world of contemporary fashion. We have seen women participate in Nike collaborations such as Aleali May, with the Air Jordan 1, and Anna Wintour, with the Air Jordan 3. Serena Williams collaborated with Louis Vuitton's creative director, Virgil Abloh, to create and off-white x Nike line. Now, in a new year, look forward to more female prominence in brands like Nike, off-white, and Supreme.

Womenswear in 2020 should look a lot more versatile with brands like Dior creating everyday sneakers and luxury handbags like Jaquemus and Prada being dressed down in practicality.

What brands do you want to see reinvent streetwear this year?