How To Make: Chocolate Strawberry Heart Brownies

With Valentine’s Day ahead, there’s no better way to spread love than with a sweet treat! Chocolate strawberry heart brownies are perfect for any party, or something savory to give to someone special.  A simple, yet creative way to tell someone you care for Valentine’s Day with love baked in every step of the way! 

  1. 1. Items You’ll Need & Cook Time

    Things you'll need: strawberries, semi-sweet morsels, brownie mix, pan, bowls, spatula, cutting board, knife and measuring cup. 

    Optional item: Caramel sauce 

    The brownie mix may require egg and oil so be sure to check! To create this desert, Ghirardelli’s Triple Fudge Brownie mix was used, and it required an egg and vegetable oil, I used olive oil instead. 

    Prep Time: 35 minutes

    Cook Time: 40 minutes on average (depending on brownie mix and if strawberries are cooled)

  2. 2. Step One: Wash hands, rinse fruit then cut strawberries 

    It’s best to pick out strawberries that have a strong V shape towards the bottom to create a heart. When you cut the strawberries, you will cut the leafy tops off, then slice the strawberry in half. At the top of the strawberry, in the center, you will cut a V shape out. 


  3. 3. Step Two: Melt chocolate morsels then dip the top of strawberries in melted chocolate

    You can melt your chocolate morsels in two different ways. You can use the stove stop, which requires a small pot and a bowl. Put the chocolate morsels into a small pot with a couple of inches of water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Turn off the heat; set the bowl of chocolate over the water to melt. Stir until smooth. 

    Or microwave a bowel of morsels but stop every 30 seconds or so to stir and be sure not to burn the chocolate. 

    Once melted, you can dip the tops of the strawberries into the chocolate and place the strawberries on wax paper of tin foil. You can cover the entire strawberry or just the tops, whatever sweetness level you prefer! Once you dip a few strawberries into the chocolate, place the strawberries into the fridge to cool. 


  4. 4. Step Three: Preheat oven and begin making brownie mix

    Follow the directions on your brownie mix for this step. For these brownies, I used Ghirardelli’s Triple Fudge, which can be found at Kroger. Any brownie mix will work great! Any size brownie pan will work, just be aware of how many brownies you want to make. Heart shaped cutters can be found at your local store under $2 but they create larger brownies and limit the quantity. I recommend to the cut brownie into squares if you’re trying to make multiple sweet treats! 

  5. 5. Step Four: Once brownies are cooled, place chocolate covered strawberries on top

    Since we did the strawberries first, they should be cooled and ready to be placed on top of the brownies! If you have caramel, you can use the caramel to put between brownie and strawberry to help the two stick together. 

  6. 6. Step Five: Enjoy!

    Enjoy your brownies and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!