How Anti-Abortionists Are Shocking College Campuses

Anti-abortionists visited Kennesaw State University this week displaying explicit images of aborted babies, the Holocaust and the lynchings of African-Americans from the 1700s. 

The pro-life group, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, caused an on-campus uproar after displaying a plethora of graphic images. On the University of Georgia's campus, students were angered because the CBR’s display was put up without any warnings of things that could possibly trigger students. Two days later, when the same pro-life campaign showed up on Kennesaw's main campus, Kennesaw State students were angered because the “warning” signs that were put up read “Warning: Genocide Photos Ahead.” 

The CBR’s comparison of abortions to the genocides of millions of people is especially upsetting because these events are being compared completely out of context and are morally wrong. The Holocaust, in particular, was based on hatred and allowed the Nazi Party to kill millions of innocent people. Abortions, on the other hand, are obtained for many different and very personal reasons that should remain private between a woman and her care provider. 

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform is using shocking images in their forced birth campaign that are not only gruesome but inaccurate in their attempt to guilt-trip women and shame them from obtaining abortion care.

I spoke to one of the people that were representing the organization on Wednesday, only to find out his views were only faith-based and stemming from the hurt he felt as a granddad when his eldest daughter obtained an abortion in high school without telling him. He had no response as to how he would feel if his daughter never obtained an abortion or if he would still have the same views if his religion had nothing to do with it. 

The organization has been to other college campuses spreading the same false and hate-filled message and said they will continue targeting college campuses. To the women reading this, I want to encourage you to stay strong and stay empowered. Choosing to have an abortion isn't an easy choice, but it certainly is your choice and your right to do so if you need to.