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Home Away from Home: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Dorm Room

With COVID-19 cases still existing across the nation, students everywhere are forced to make a choice when it comes to living and learning this semester. Many have opted to live at home or on campus. For those who have chosen the latter, there are decisions to make on how to make your dorm feel like yours (Ideally, you’ll be there for quite a while, after all.) Here are a few ways to bring your space to life!


Got a green thumb or just want to seem like you have one? Plants are always a go-to when you want your space to feel lively. If you’re going for the real thing, make sure that your plants are getting plenty of light and enough water. For those on the more low-maintenance side, fake plants work just fine (and bring in less bugs.) Places to shop include Target, IKEA, and even department stores like Ross!

Wall Art

Posters, line drawings, hand painted masterpieces; these are all ways to alter a blank space. This works especially well for those who live in a space that you can’t make too many changes to. Some even go to lengths to add wallpaper! (Check with your school’s housing guidelines to see if that option is available to you.)

Strip LED Lights

Made popular by Tik Tok, colored strip lights are a simple tool that makes a big difference in changing the atmosphere in your room. They come in various lengths as well. Whether you only want a small part of your room lit up or want to brighten up the whole room, just stick the strips to the wall and plug in. No paint required! (You might still need a ladder, though.) 


While oil burners and candles are a no-go when staying in dorm rooms, there are still options for filling your room with delightful scents. Opt for an air diffuser instead! Plug in, add water and the oil of your choice, and still get the same therapeutic smell. They’re safe to use at any time of day as well.


Whether you’re going for a minimalistic vibe or want something that will be the center of
attention, rugs are the way to go. They can liven up the atmosphere of any room with an eye-catching design or tie it all together with a blank space, leaving room for other accent pieces.

Remember to stay safe and stay well while you’re living life in your home away from home. These are troubling times, but taking the precautions necessary to keep yourself and others healthy is well worth it in the end. 

Amariyah Callender is a 20-year-old journalist from Decatur, Georgia. She is currently studying Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University. She has been in the journalism field for the past seven years, writing for local media platforms such as VOX ATL and Lotus Rosery. With a passion for music and lifestyle, Callender doesn't shy away from media buzz, the next big artist, or what's going on in the music scene in the Metro-Atlanta area. She also enjoys writing about her own personal experiences and how they have shaped her life as it is today. Read her latest article here!
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