Haunted Houses and Covid -- What's Happening?

It's spooky season! I'm sure you guys know what that means, haunted houses! We love them because they're fun and we hate them because they're scary. But this year everything is a little different, we don't even know if they're going to be open because of Covid-19. Well, I'm here to save all of you from the embarrassment of driving to a closed or shut-down haunted house. I did some research and found out whether or not haunted houses are open, the COVID precautions that they're taking, and even added in some recommendations! If you do end up going to a haunted house or multiple this year, please stay safe! Wear a mask and social distance. Haunted houses might be scary but corona is even scarier.

  1. 1. Are They Open?

    I have good news! Haunted houses are open with minor restrictions all over the U.S. However, there are a smaller amount of houses that are open this year. This means you can find some in your area, but they may be farther away than usual. With everything going on, I don't mind that some of them are closed. Closing might be the safest option during this time. I'm not even sure if I'll go to any this year. But the option to go is there. They aren't hard to find at all and the hours are great! Haunted houses are open and taking costumers!

  2. 2. COVID Precautions

    COVID sign with orange background

    The biggest difference with haunted houses this year is the increase in restrictions and policies. Most haunted houses are operating with the same precautions. Masks are required by costumers and employees, hand sanitizer is provided and recommended to be used frequently, and temperatures are being taken. There are contact-free enhancements, as well as social distancing is enforced! To help with that, haunted houses are selling fewer tickets this year. So, if you're planning on going to a popular haunted house, you should go ahead and get tickets now! Don't procrastinate! Oh, and some houses might have raised their prices because they're selling fewer tickets, as well!

  3. 3. Recommendations

    two skeletons

    I gathered some open haunted houses in a few, different states that you guys might be interested in:

    If you're in the Atlanta area, one of the open haunted houses is Netherworld Haunted House, located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Another one is Folklore Haunted House in Acworth, Georgia. Both of these have taken up very safe COVID precautions, so I highly recommend them!

    If you're in Mississippi, a cheap but still interesting haunted house is Haunted Hill. It is in Tupelo and the tickets are only $5! However, their hours are only from 7pm to 11pm. Another one with the same hours is Terror on the Coast. This haunted house is in Gulfport. Their tickets are higher and I couldn't find much on their COVID policies on their website. So if you choose to go to there be extra cautious -- just to be safe!

    Woods of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina is also a great choice! Social distancing and masks are required, of course! They have been scaring people for longer than I have been alive and their attractions sound very spooky, so I highly recommend it! I will be living vicariously through you if you visit this one!

    Florida has a Haunted Road Drive-Thru that you guys might be interested in! They also have a less-scary daytime version of the event available. With this one, you get all the comfort of being in your own car and all the scare that normal haunted houses provide! I'd definitely try this one out!

If you guys choose to go to a haunted house this year, I hope this article helps your decision, and hopefully, it eases your anxiety a little. Whether or not you attend a haunted house is up to you guys, but please stay safe! Make sure you wear masks, use hand sanitizer as often as you can, social distance, and take advantage of those contact-free options. There are lots of haunted houses to choose from, no matter what state you live in! I hope y'all have an amazing spooky season!