Fun and Cheap Spring Break Ideas

Spring break is upon us! We, as college students, love to vacation away from college, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Take a road trip with your squad

Your squad could easily travel somewhere close with a few attractions on the way! Everyone can chip in for the food, hotel, and gas for the car!

Have a chill picnic

Sounds a little kiddish right? But picnics could be the next best thing with the right people and music! Have a nice potluck right in the middle of nature and just enjoy everyone’s company! Good vibes only!


Stay-cations aren’t really popular, but you could always have a great time getting away from family and college! Stay-cations are made for you to be a tourist in your own state, travel somewhere popular for tourists and explore!

Take in Nature’s Beauty




Take a nature walk! There is so much of the world to see and learn about! Unknown treasures of Mother Nature are so easy to find! Of course, bringing along friends so they can enjoy as well!


Spring break is meant to spend time with friends and reconnecting with yourself to finish out the rest of your semester!