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Have you ever wanted to expand your food palette with different cultures, but didn’t know where to start? In this article I will be giving you five suggestions to help you expand your palette.

  1. Indian – My all time favorite Indian food currently is butter chicken. Butter chicken is a made in a tomato sauce and blended with multiple different spices. Most Indian restaurants will allow you to choose between mild, medium, and hot as far as your spice level.
  2. Thai – If you love noodles, you’ll love Pad Thai as a beginner thai food. It is a blend of stir fried rice noodles, eggs, vegetables, and sauce. This is great for beginners. Just be sure to ask for no peanuts if you you have an allergy!
  3. Jamaican – If you’re into extremely spicy food, jerk chicken may be a great start. Personally, I love curry chicken and thinks its a delicious jump into Jamaican cuisine.
  4. Greek – Looking for something light? Mediterranean food is extremely light and gyros, a pita bread folded with meat vegetables and sauce inside, are good way to break into this culture’s food.
  5. Vietnamese – Calling all noodle lovers….again. Pho, a close rival to traditional ramen, consists of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and your choice of meat or tofu. Unlike ramen, it comes with vegetables as add-ins on the side such as bean sprouts and onions. I find myself craving this one often.

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