Five Essential Accessories to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe

Everybody knows of chunky sweaters and form-fitting leggings to keep warm during the winter months, but for many, accessorizing is an afterthought. Here are five ways to spice up any fit, sun, or snow.

  1. 1. Readers

    For those who want to look like Harry Potter without the commitment, readers are your friend! The majority of readers sold are not prescription, but if a prescription is needed, consult with your eye doctor to see if a pair of frames that catches your eye can be filled with the prescribed lenses that you need.

  2. 2. Scarves

    Keep that neck warm with a comfy scarf! Whether it’s a knit infinity scarf for all-around comfort or a flowy scarf with fringe or a scarf so big, it could double as a rug (insert photo of that ridiculously large scarf that Lenny Kravitz wore years ago.)

  3. 3. Chunky Socks

    These are perfect to wear with a pair of lace-up boots or high top sneakers. Keeping your feet warm in style is very important, especially during the colder winter days. (Pro tip: rub Vaseline onto your feet before wearing your socks to keep your feet soft and smooth!)

  4. 4. Small Necklaces

    Small pendant necklaces have become increasingly popular, whether it’s bedazzled with a small charm or even your name. Try wearing multiple at once at various chain lengths to add sparkle to any look!

  5. 5. Caps

    With winter winds blowing in every direction, it is essential to keep your head covered. Baseball caps, beanies, and even berets are all great ways to have your head stay warm. Try wearing one in a bright color to make your ‘fit pop!