Febuary Movie Watch List

Over the last couple of months, I have made it my mission to expand my friend's and family's movie repertoire. Most of my friends (ages 20-23) have not seen the great classics of the 1900s, and my older family members are reluctant to watch other genres. This had to change. So I took the opportunity to watch different movies that I like with the people in my life. I also recorded what they rated the film out of 10 and one comments when asked what they thought about the movie. While some of these may not be your taste, the main idea being to try out different genres that you just might come to love.  For the February Movie watch list, I decided to take it back to movies that are just a little (or a lot) older, that not many people have seen before. 

  1. 1.   The Color Purple (Drama)

    This excellent movie is classic! What's more, is that it has a beautiful array of different characters from Whoopie Goldberg to Oprah, I know! You didn't know Oprah could act, right? In the movie directed by Steven Spielberg, it takes us through the life of a young woman named Celie. What makes this movie different than what you would generally put on is that it is a sad movie. It sugar coats nothing when it comes to telling the actual reality of an African American woman in the early 1900s. The story is told from her perspective yet dips into the lives of others around her.  However, don't scroll past this movie just yet, it also has some slight comedic undertones with deep character arcs hidden throughout.

    My boo's rating: 7/10

    Opinion: " It was a really good movie, just a little long."

  2. 2. An Affair To Remember  (Romance)

    Now, I know what your thinking. "This movie is old!" At least it's not in black and white! I found this gem while on Hulu one day, and my sister and I decided to give it a try as our sleeping movie. You know, the film you put on that's uninteresting and only good for slight light and subtle background noise that just so happens to make you extra sleepy once you put in on?

    Well, after I wanted something more thrilling and she wanted something with more dry humor, we decided on something that has nothing to do with either! This movie is anything but a sleeper movie. Right off the bat, it was funny and interesting. It's the tale of two people who are already committed to their significant others that happen to meet on a boat. After spending the vacation together, they separate to go back to their lives but not before agreeing to meet up in one year at a unique location if they were both single and ready to be with each other—however, tragedy stroke.

    We laughed, we cried, we were hopeful, puzzled, and, most importantly, on the edge of our seats.

    My sisters' ratings: 8 /10

    Opinion: "I didn't think I would like that movie, but that s**t was pretty funny."

  3. 3. Deuce Bigalow  (Comedy)

    Let's switch it up a little to the comedic appearances of our dear Rob Sneider! This man does not get the credit he deserves! My first encounter with his movies was when I was about six, and my sister had just bought a VCR tape. I watched Deuce Bigalow about 100 times. Deuce Bigalow comes in 2 movies: the first being "Deuce Bigalow" and the Second being "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo" and both are quality movies.

    In the first movie, Deuce is a struggling pond cleaner who gets hired to watch a handsome Gigolo's (Antoine) home for a short amount of time. After wrecking his house, Deuce needs to come up with money and FAST! With the help of his friend TJ to groom him into becoming a charming man, he decides to take some of Antoine's clients and start " Gigoloing" to make some cash. All awhile, an inspector for the police department is bent on cracking down on the male prostitution in his city and tries to catch Deuce at every opportunity.

    In the second movie, Deuce takes a vacation to Europe to visit his friend TJ; However, once other male Gigalows begin to die mysteriously, It's up to Deuce and TJ to find the killer. Both movies are hilarious and a good laugh when you've made dinner and want to sit in and enjoy it. My younger roommate Nicole was reluctant to watch the first movie; however, after 15 minutes, she was glued to the side of me.

    My roommate's rating: 7.5/10

    Opinion: "S**T was funny as hell; I also liked what I saw in the second movie as well."

  4. 4. The Shining (Thriller)

    I just recently got into watching "older movies," and I can't say I'm anything less than impressed. I've noticed that you must have a certain level of patience to watch older movies because with a lack of effects and quality in-depth plots, they need time to work you up and absorb you into the film, therefore it will be a tad bit longer than your average 2019 movie.

    The Shining is a classic thriller about a man who gets a job to watch over this mountain resort in the resort's off-season. He keeps the maintenance up and running for six months while being snowed in with his family (wife and son). However, he is warned that the history of the resort is a little rocky, but he needs the money and takes the job. While there, all sorts of weird things start happening, and he begins to go mad. His family is then left to fend for themselves as help is unlikely to come. Besides the plot, it's a funny movie if you're with your friends. There are plenty of things to laugh at, such as the weird little voice the son makes and the deer-in-the-headlights expression the wife has on her 24/7.

    My rating: 8.7/10

    Opinion: I watched this on my own, and I thought it was good, I had to make sure to close my closet door and tuck my feet under the blanket before getting to the scarier parts of the movie.


  5. 5. The Faculty (Sci-fi)

    For all my sci-fi fans, this one's for you! I am not a fan of science fiction movies, but this movie is different. The graphics aren't too bad, and it's not as independent as the other movies. You might recognize a familiar face or two such as Elijah Wood (Lord of the rings) and Usher Raymond (yes " These Are My Confessions" Usher), to name a few.

    In this high school-set movie, a couple of unlikely students ban together to figure out why the teachers and students have been acting soo weird lately. However, whatever it is, they only have a limited amount of time to stop the full invasion as an upcoming Big football game would only make matters worse. Who can you trust? The jock, The nerd, The sweetheart from chemistry class? This movie is perfect for snuggling in bed with popcorn. After a skin, searingly hot shower with some essential oils is a great movie to watch on a Thursday night to get prepared for the weekend.

    My mom's rating: 6.9 /10

    Opinion: "I mean it was alright, there wasn't as much killing as I would have liked, but it's good though"

I hope you'll enjoy these movies and continue to expand on your movie watching!