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Sadly enough, I heard of 5 gun-related incidents just last week alone

And what’s even scarier is that 4 out of 5 of those incidents hit really close to home

Guns were made for protection but now they’re seemingly objects that should be condemned

Because at the end of the day, we’re taking away lives almost faster than we’re creating them

A Thursday evening on a college campus with the sun beaming and students shuffling from space to space

What started off as a regular day was suddenly interrupted by the issuance of a shelter and place

1 killed, 1 in custody, and a drug deal gone wrong was the precursory

Who knew that such a tragic incident could happen on the grounds of a campus like Kennesaw State University?

A regular night at a bar and grill that would soon turn from sweet to bitter

An atmosphere filled with good vibes until an altercation began over spilled liquor

None killed, but 3 injured all because pulling out a gun was the very first instinct

The crazy thing is, bullets almost never hit the intended target and the shooter and the victim are rarely ever linked

A group of teenagers gathering together for a party to celebrate an 18th birthday

4 injured and 1 killed before it’s all over. How could a celebration end in so much disarray?

The one who was shot was a 15 year old girl with so much to live for, but her life was cut short by gunshots blazing

We say children are our future but if we’re taking away their future, what are we really facing?

Gun violence has become so commonplace and it can happen anywhere to anyone without any warning

We need to come together to decrease the violence and increase the peace so that we have less families mourning

But first we have to start with ourselves to stand up for what is right and end our silence

Our voice and actions have the power speak louder than guns, we must stop the violence

Angela Hyman

Kennesaw '22

Greetings beauties! ? My name is Angela and I'm a Nursing major at Kennesaw State University. I strive to help others because I have been blessed to have overwhelming guidance and support myself. I love all aspects of beauty from makeup to encouraging women to radiate their inner beauty through confidence, achievement, leadership, and service. I joined Her Campus at KSU not only for the sisterhood aspect, but also in hopes that my writing will shine a positive light in the lives of others in some way. We have so many great things to share with you! Follow our team so you'll never miss our articles!! ❤️
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