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Congratulations, You’re Graduating: What Should You Do In Atlanta?

So, you are graduating. The time has finally come, you did your time in a four-year institution. There were nights you cried, daily laughs, you have probably gained insomnia and caffeine addiction along the way. But, you are nearing the finish line and it feels a little scary, maybe some excitement as this chapter is closing, and a new one is beginning. As a senior, we are at the moment trying to prepare for final assignments, final papers, projects, you name it. One thing, we always forget to do is prepare for the day of graduation. Some probably already know what they are going to have family dinner at a nice restaurant.

However, if you’re anything like me, I hate graduations, even my own; The sitting there and waiting for your name to be called is a snooze-fest. You might just want your degree and leave, very understandable. Now, I’m a believer in, if you’re doing something absolutely boring you might want to find time to plan an awesome day to celebrate yourself and your achievements. Maybe waiting for an hour or two for your degree, then taking dozens of photos, doesn’t fit your fancy, that’s okay, this is a safe space. Here are at least five things to do in Atlanta to make graduation day more fun.

1. Selfie Museums

As I mentioned above, families gather around and take photos in front of the college auditorium, maybe in front of the university sign, but you also probably did the same thing for your high school graduation. There are always times to try something new. I for one just found out that selfie museums exist; with a few backdrops, you can turn your graduation day into a fun photo day. Some places have thrones for you to sit on, or background of greenery shrubs, and flowers. There are so many to choose from; the best part is that they provide wonderful lighting or ring lights, you might even feel like a social media influencer. You deserve to feel special on this special day, why not make it more dramatic. Check out The Atlanta Selfie Museum if you’re looking for an aesthetic evening!

2. Brunch, instead of Dinner

I found out I am graduating in the morning time, and for a moment I believed I had to wait all day to celebrate with my family at seven p.m. But, then I remembered brunch is definitely a thing and can be a little more fun than a relaxed laid-back dinner. You get to have mimosas with your family, siblings, maybe you have friends that want to celebrate together. Let’s not forget that breakfast food is a favorite, no one can really turn down french toast, pancakes, with a side of your choosing. The world is simply yours for graduation, for instance, I will still be bringing my celebratory cake; one rule on this day is that you can’t tell yourself no, no is for the next day.

3. Bowling, Arcade, and More

Here in Atlanta, there is so much to do, and a lot of people don’t like to admit that. If you’re thinking about celebrating at night, I recommend going bowling, and if you need more a recommendation, The Painted Pin is a good one. At night, has more of an adult feel with a bar, along with it has skeeball, darts, and a lot more. Maybe you’re not looking to have the whole night with your family, and you want to split the day between your family and loved ones, and have time away as a newly free college student. But, if you’re not looking for something like that, having a family game night at an arcade is fun and a little different. Most people have parties, but if you’re a little bit more introverted, such as myself, you know that introverts don’t mind going out, as long as it is with people they know. Places like Main Event have a copious amount of arcade games, along with virtual reality, billiards, mini gulf, and more; if you have younger siblings, this place is also great for a variety of age groups.

4. atlanta’s City skyline

I’ve been to Ponce City Market many times, maybe as long as I have lived in the metro Atlanta area. One thing, I am dying to still see is Atlanta’s city skyline on The Roof of Ponce City Market. Although I named a few places all ready to have fun, the rooftop of Ponce City Market is notorious for its amazing food options. If you’re having spring or summer graduation, then this is perfect. It has fun attractions and activities. I haven’t played games while looking out into the city, but I’m sure it has a magical effect on you, as well as nighttime. Speaking of nighttime, they also have Igloos to dine in during the winter months, which is perfect for anyone who has graduation a week and half before Christmas such as I.

5. Don’t Walk At graduation

You don’t have to walk for graduation, you can just order your degree and be on your merry way. I understand and many others feel as though college was too much, and they want to be done and over with it. College is or was a lot for some people and spending even more of a second there sounds terrible. My suggestion, don’t walk, go relax, better yet some people go on a road trip to celebrate. You’re not really obligated to do anything you don’t want to do, why not do something that helps you decompress.

As always, Congratulations to the class of 2021 wherever you are!

Niani Pogue

Kennesaw '21

I’m Niani, I’m a senior at KSU, an English Major, and I love writing novels, poetry, book reviews, and more.
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