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Halloween is finally here! Of course, the candy, the spooky movies, and the decorations are what make Halloween, but we all can’t wait to see is Celebrities going all out on their costumes. Some are scary good, some dress up to be the best versions of the villains, or the goriest of the heroes. All in all, we live to see how amazing they do each year on this very fun day. Stars did not just dress up for today, but this weekend. Luckily they let us celebrate with them virtually!

1. Bretman Rock

For the lovers of anime, especially the newest and one of the best selling mangas at this moment. Bretman Rock and his niece, Cleo, went as the iconic characters, Nezuko and Inosuke. As we know, Bretman Rock never fails to amaze us; he shows he’s not only a family man, but he will always make a statement with everything he wears.

2. Sophie Turner and joe jonas

Once I saw this picture, I immediately thought of the famous quote, “Sing to me Paolo.” And lo and behold Sophie captioned just that. The Game of Thrones actress and her musical husband opened up Halloween Weekend as the characters from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It is always fun to see one of our childhood heartthrobs dress up as an iconic Disney original movie. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we grew up on the same shows as our favorite celebs and now the world does not feel so big.

3. Lil Naz X

Speaking of characters, Lil Nas X went as Seth Powers, our once favorite blonde himbo from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. It seems like we aren’t the only ones feeling nostalgic on this festive evening. Lil Nas X even graced us by doing a whole photoshoot as he added a background to tie it all together. There’s nothing wrong with a little more dramatics and entertainment.

4. Lizzo

The fun-fierce singer Lizzo went as what we once called “Baby Yoda”, but who is actually called Grogu from The Mandalorian. If you happen to be a Lizzo and Star Wars Fan, she has won over many hearts repeatedly. From the yellow stiletto nails to the white falsies, Lizzo went all out for this costume, fabulously. Any person who isn’t afraid to be bold has the best costume in my eyes, and Lizzo did just that.

5. Harry Styles

We all know those ruby red shoes from anywhere. Harry Styles has never been afraid to make daring choices. He not only shuts down the gender norms or the stereotype of how men should dress for Halloween, he decided he would make a great Dorothy, and he did. As he dressed up as the main heroine from The Wizard of Oz, he decided to perform while doing so. What can Harry not do?

I can’t wait to see more tonight as others will post more. As always, go out and have fun, and have a Happy Halloween!

Niani Pogue

Kennesaw '21

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