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BookTok Really Has A Chokehold On Me

Everyone loves Tik Tok, right? I am definitely one of those people, but recently I’ve found myself on what I think is the best side of Tik Tok, BookTok. BookTok has taken hold of me in a way that I’m spending more money on books than my school supplies.

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Don’t worry; I definitely have my priorities straight. Kinda. It’s gotten so bad that I have almost 30 books saved to my Favorites and have yet to actually read the books in my own “library.” It’s amazing how BookTok has captured me and has not let go, literally.

Here are some of my favorite recommendations that I have read and THOROUGHLY enjoyed!


I absolutely loved this book, and it’s perfect for the holidays! (Christmas is year-round here, sorry not sorry) This book is about a jock and a reporter gaining a second chance at love, and who doesn’t love second chances? Want to read more? Check it out here!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR dancing by nicola yoon

To be clear, Nicola Yoon will always have my heart because her books are chefs kiss and EVERYONE should read them! Instructions for Dancing is a journey about love, finding love, and learning that love is out there even though bad experiences may occur. Definitely one of my favorites out of this list! To read more about this book, check it out here!

constant craving by tamara lush

Does anyone have a love they had and can’t forget about or seem to pop up randomly? In Constant Craving, you’ll find precisely that. Two loves reunite in this wonderful (and at times spicy) three-book series. Who wouldn’t want to read this trilogy with betrayal, love, and some spicy scenes? Check out more here!

skin of the night by c.k. bennett

We love a girl boss, we love a driven woman, we love a woman-focused, but we also love romance! I love this book from C.K. Bennet because we see a woman who’s driven to gain her career before finding love but slowly throughout the book, a man starts breaking down her walls and gaining her trust and eventually love. The third book is not out yet but is coming this year! Check out more about this book here!

On earth we’re briefly gorgeous by ocean vuong

Reading this book and the poetry inside had a girl crying for sure. This book is a long and poetic letter to the author’s mother with some explicit content. It’s an amazing read, and I recommend everyone to read it! To see more about this book, click here!

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An accurate representation of me and my new books

Happy reading and I hope you also enjoy these recommendations! Read these books and enjoyed them? Let us know on our Instagram!

Jaz Daley

Kennesaw '22

Jaz Daley is a senior at Kennesaw State University, majoring in Public Relations. Jaz is the founder of the Her Campus chapter at Kennesaw State and has been the Campus Correspondent and President for the past 4 years. In her spare time, she likes to create various DIY projects, read, and hang out with her furbabies. She hopes to continue her studies and lead Disney's Public Relations team in the future.
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