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The Best Online Black Friday Deals for the Anxious Shopper

Are you nervous about going out to shop on Black Friday? Wondering how to shop due to COVID-19? No need to worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best online Black Friday deals so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. 

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting 2020’s Black Friday, knowing it was going to look different this year compared to previous years. Wondering if social distancing was going to be enforced if masks were going to be mandatory… and if the famous Black Friday fights were going to happen. But stores have made sure to keep anxious shoppers in the picture and created some great online deals so no one is left out this year. 

This guide is here to help you get through this holiday season safe while helping you save the most money. 


Amazon has its own Black Friday type deals with their “Amazon Day”, but they keep it super competitive for Black Friday also. Since it is already a super popular online retailer also, the shipping is going to be one of the most reliable on this list. When searching on Amazon, be sure to look for the “Amazon Lightning Deals”. You can look specifically for the Lightning Deals from the app or the website just by clicking the Lightning Deals option. These are going to be your best deals on Amazon, but they do go fast because there is a limited number of items on this list so be prepared for that. Amazon’s most competitive deals are going to be in their electronics section, with Fire Tablets projected to be as low as $30 and Echo Dots as low as $25. Be sure to look for bundles on these items as well to save even more!


eBay may not be the first online retailer that comes to mind when shopping Black Friday deals, but it is a huge competitor! Their hottest topics are going to be electronics, and because eBay is known for refurbished or open-box items, it only is going to make their prices even lower. If you are specifically looking for open-box or refurbished electronics, this is definitely the place for you! Their best deals are going to be anywhere from 45% to 60% off electronics. This ranges anywhere from laptops, smartphones, and vacuums. They are also all name brands such as Dyson and Lenovo, so be on the lookout for those!

Best Buy

Best Buy is another huge competitor for Black Friday! They are known for their in-store deals, but with restrictions due to COVID-19 this year, they are extending it to their online deals as well! They are huge in the electronics department, and while their online options might be lower than other retailers, the actual prices will be some of the lowest and most competitive. This option is great for those who are not interested in bundles but great prices for the thing they are looking for. While they have not released their prices yet for 2020, last year they had one of the lowest-priced LG 55″ smart TV at $300, and a 75″ TV for $600, and those prices will only go down because of the competition this year.


Walmart is not as competitive in the electronics department as the other retailers on this list, but they are a great option for getting those early holiday gifts! Not only will they offer deals in categories such as clothes, stationery, and home items (making shopping in one place on one website awesome!) but they will have the best deals on toys. If you have a little one to gift this holiday season (or if you love legos for yourself) this option is the best on the list. They have notoriously low prices for their toys and games, with Hot Wheels projected to be up to 57% off, the deals are going to be hard to beat for this department.

Old Navy

Old Navy has announced that their Black Friday deals will run for two weeks, a longer time than other retailers on this list.They will specialize in clothes, and cute clothes for everyone in the family to be exact. Their women’s, men’s, and kid’s wear is super cute with super competitive pricing, and on Black Friday, hard-to-deny deals. Get ready, and grab a pair of pajama bottoms for everyone in the family! They are notoriously low price on their Black Friday deals, and while last year their best deals were in-store, they have extended their deals to online for the upcoming 2020 Black Friday. Their deals for Black Friday are released during specific times, with 40% off everything from November 19 to November 22, then 50% off online for the full week leading up to Cyber Monday (November 23 to November 30).

Many retailers are extending their Black Friday deals online to accomodate for the craziness of 2020, but this list has five of the best deals you will find! 

So, to our anxious shoppers – no need to fret! We are on the lookout for the best deals for you online so you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe this holiday season, all while keeping the holiday spirit and fun alive from the comfort of your home. 


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