Another College Life Guide, But Make It Realistic

As fresh young college students running among the campus green, we could all use a little direction. If you’re not cramming for hours on end for an exam, you’re sitting idly, suspicious that you probably should be doing something productive right about now. Or, you’re procrastinating, making a playlist to listen to while you study when there’s already a plethora of them on the streaming service of your choosing. Whatever the case may be, you might find yourself in a slump and losing focus. Have no fear, though! Here are a few tips to help you get your life together when you feel like you’re too far gone.

Be alone.

Seriously. You may be feeling burnt out from the constant socializing among friends. Football games, parties, campus events, even casual friend meetings in the café; these things, although very fun, can really drain you and take a toll on your social battery. Take a pass on the next outing if you really feel the need and spend some time with you. Your friends will understand and your mind and body will thank you. 

Plan out your life.

The looming question of “Where do you see yourself in (insert x amount of years here)?” is a damn scary one, but it isn’t one that should be left unanswered. You don’t have to have a streamlined guide to how you want your 20s or 30s to look, but you do have goals to achieve. That’s what college is about, after all! Write down where you’d like to live, what you truly want to do with your career, etc. These things will be able to provide motivation for you as you maneuver through this crazy world of post-secondary education.

Write down EVERYTHING.

Yes, EVERYTHING. You are bound to forget something; it’s human nature. As soon as an assignment or task comes to mind, write it down (within the right time frame, of course). Whether it’s the ol’ faithful of paper and pencil or the notes app on your phone, write it out and be specific. You’ll be saving yourself from a major headache.

Protect your circle.

In college, it’s easy to make new friends, but depending on the type of person you are, it can be difficult to tell whether or not they’re meant to stay. If something is telling you to make a change, listen. It will be worth your while. Learn the signs early on; if someone doesn’t match your energy or just doesn’t seem too well in the head, don’t be afraid to distance yourself for a bit. Be prepared for some potential confrontation, but remember that you are trying to protect yourself and your energy.

Treat yo’ self!

It would be wrong (and as a Taurus woman, downright hypocritical) to say that you shouldn’t indulge every once in a while. This doesn’t mean that you should go and buy out H&M in its entirety, but if you can, more power to you! Shop till you drop! The bottom line is, you still have the right to take pleasure in what you enjoy whenever you can. Just don’t let it hinder you or make you lose sight of your goals.