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I’m a Survivor…of Midterms: 6 Tips for Fall Midterms

The most dreaded time of the year is the period between the first semester and winter break…midterms…yikes. No matter how much you studied and no matter how many all-nighters you pull, you just can’t master these wretched exams. Well, fear no more. Even though midterms aren’t for a couple of weeks, I have composed a list of my top six tips for acing your midterms while not stressing yourself out.

  1. Speak UP!

This one is a little unusual when it comes to tips, but it is just as effective. Speaking up and asking (any) questions when you don’t understand something can be the difference between an A and F on your midterms. It is crucial to understand exactly what it is you’re learning before you even begin studying.

2. Form a Study Group

People learn in many different ways, and many of us prefer to study alone, like me. However, sometimes studying in-group is a win-win. You learn the material perspectives, which could help you learn the material even better.

3. U. N. P. L. U. G.

Put the phone on silent, lock it away in a box, and put the box deep in your closet. Phones and other unnecessary screens are the number one distraction when it comes to studying, and it can become a habit to check our devices, especially when we don’t desire to study. Even just shutting your phone off for an hour will help you accomplish A LOT.

4. Take a Break

Another reason many people don’t do well on their exams is that they overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion, which defeats the purpose of studying. It is important to spend ample time studying but remember to take a 10-15-minute break every couple of hours to give your mind a break.

5. Get Some Rest Babe.

What is a mind if it’s not well-rested? Mush. I know in college, a good night’s sleep is foreign to many of us but at least getting a good rest the day before the exam will be more beneficial for you in the long run. Six to eight hours will do the trick!

6. Positivity is Key

The power of the tongue is strong. If you think or say negative things, then bad things will inevitably happen, but only good things will happen if you speak positivity into your life. So, speak highly of yourself and give yourself daily affirmations that can and will achieve. You’ll start to see a difference in the world around you.

Akira Allen

Kennesaw '22

My name is Akira Allen. I am senior biology major with a pre-med concentration at Kennesaw State University. I am previously attended Spelman College where I wrote for their Her Campus chapter.
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