5 Ways To Have a Successful Semester

It's August, Summer vacation has faded away, and school is back in session! A great way to start the semester is to prepare for the next four months properly. Here are five tips that have helped me, and a few others, have a successful semester.

  1. 1. Brightspace Pulse

    First things first, Kennesaw has finally introduced the app Pulse to the student body! Brightspace Pulse is a D2L app that has indeed changed the game! This app contains all of your classes, gives you notifications when assignments are due, and allows you to view your class schedule for the week. As a student, this is very helpful because of the convenience of having assignments at your fingertips!

  2. 2. Planner

    A planner is the second way to having a successful semester. A planner is a great way to set up your whole semester in one place. Syllabi can be a hassle to carry around, and it isn't eco-friendly. Having a planner can give you an idea of what assignments are due. For tech-savvy people, a great tool to use is your calendar on your phone to create a virtual planner, and you can color-coordinate your assignments with each class is also useful!

  3. 3. Weekly ToDo Lists

    Weekly ToDo lists have been a lifesaver! Between working part-time, going to school, and being part of campus organizations; your week can become hectic! Weekly ToDo lists are helpful to plan out your week. At the start of every week, preferably on a Sunday, it is useful to write out what exactly you've planned for the week and times when you need to study. This way, it makes it easier to get through a week when you are more organized about how you're spending your time. 

  4. 4. Healthy Study Routines

    A major key for a successful semester is having a healthy study routine. Setting time aside to study is the most crucial thing in college. My dad always said, "Time management is what gets you the degree." Go to the library, or even set up a study area in your home, grab a snack, put on a nondistracting playlist and get to studying!

  5. 5. Self-Care

    Last but not least, self-care is immensely important when it comes to a successful semester. To be successful, you have to feel successful. If life is getting a bit overwhelming, take the time out to tend to yourself, clear your thoughts, and get back on the grind. 

I hope these five tips will help you in your Fall Semester! Good luck, Owls!