5 Tips On Getting Along With Your Roommates

After the first few weeks of the semester, you've gotten into a routine. You've met your roommates, you've settled in at your dorm or apartment, and you've figured out what time you need to leave for classes. Your roommates have probably done the same. You might be spending your free time in your bedroom and not socializing with the people you live with. If you don't communicate with your roommates when everything is fine, it can be difficult to discuss problems. Here are five tips to help you establish a good connection with your roommates and help you get along.

  1. 1. Make A Roommate Agreement

    If you live on campus, you've probably sat down with your roommates and your RA to make a roommate agreement. If you haven't, get together with your roommates and discuss everything. Make rules about guests, noise, temperature, and food. Anything that could potentially be an issue later in the semester can be addressed now.

  2. 2. Establish Boundaries

    You and your roommates might have separate bedrooms and bathrooms, but you also have common spaces. If you share a bathroom with your roommate, discuss who stores what where. If you share a sink, pick a side for your things. Pick a shelf for your shower caddy. If you have a kitchen, discuss where food is stored and put your name on any food you don't want to share. Keep in mind that in shared spaces like the living room and kitchen most likely connect to at least one bedroom. Talk with your roommates about how late people can watch TV in the living room or talk in the kitchen on school nights. 

  3. 3. Share Your Class Schedules

    Knowing each other's schedules can help you decide how quiet you need to be at night. If you know your roommate has an early class the next morning, you can avoid potential conflict by choosing not to blast your music until 3 AM and keep them up. Sharing schedules also allows you to find time to connect with your roommates. If you have a class around the same time as one of your roommates, walk together and get to know them. You could even find times for meals together.

  4. 4. Clean Up After Yourself

    This one should go without saying, but when you make a mess clean it up. If you fill the trashcan, take the trash out. Clean your dishes when you're done eating to avoid a pileup in the sink. If you wouldn't want to see your roommates' mess, chances are they don't want to see yours either.

  5. 5. Replace What You Take

    If you and your roommates share food or drinks, be mindful. Don't drink the last of the milk and leave the almost empty carton in the fridge. Let your roommates know you used the last of it and go out and get more. The same thing applies to anything you share. One of the most frustrating things is reaching for the toilet paper to see only one piece left on the roll. Don't be that person. Either leave that roll with just a few sheets left hanging up and place another roll on top of the tank lid, or use those last few pieces and replace the roll completely.

The most important thing to keep in mind while living with other people is that everyone is different and everyone deserves respect. If you respect your roommates, their privacy, and their belongings, living together will be a smooth ride!