5 Tips For Finishing the Semester Strong

Ease the pressure of coming back to school during the spring with these five tips that will help you finish strong during the semester and help you keep a cleaner headspace.

  1. 1. Clean!!!

    Keeping your spaces and areas clean can help you maintain a more precise headspace while studying for exams and make life easier in general. There’s a high chance your time will be spent in study sessions, the library, or another study space, so coming back to a clean, uncluttered space at the end of the day would be a nice element that could ease your mind.

  2. 2. Burn sage in the areas you are in the most

    Burning sage is an old practice that is believed to cleanse the air of bad energy. Energy is like someone’s perfume scent that can be left behind; sage absorbs that scent. After smudging your space, a sense of balance and safety, as well as overall positive energy, is left behind after the air has been cleansed of the negative energy that may have entered over time. Burning sage in your study areas can help you remain positive about the information you’re taking in and the tests you will have to take.

  3. 3. Take into consideration that you should definitely always check on your friends

    During an overwhelming time, not everyone can be there for you, and you cannot be there for everyone. As exams approach, students get more stressed and may isolate themselves to study or to relax on their own. Do not let the absence of the people who are always around you to misconstrue your idea of friendships. You all are most likely to be okay within the next month or two. It is better to focus less on the strains of social interactions and more on the goals you have in mind.

  4. 4. Keep that agenda and planner going strong!

    Students tend to fall off the wagon during the last semester when it comes to staying organized. Keeping a list and prioritizing the order of tasks at hand will you help you to stay on schedule and prevent procrastination, helping with lifting some stress off of your shoulders.

  5. 5. Remember to take care of yourself

    A consistent sleep schedule that allows you to get as much sleep as possible, eating three meals a day, exercising or doing whatever serves as a de-stressor for you, and remembering to reward yourself as you surpass each goal during the semester will allow you to do the very best that you can.

Keep going strong until May Owls; we are almost finished!