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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kennesaw chapter.

The decade ends in two months and now is the perfect time to cross things off your bucket list or prepare to enter the new decade as a new person.

Deep Clean Your Room

The best way to enter the new decade is with a clean living space. Go through old school binders and folders to see what you should and shouldn’t keep. If you have handwritten notes from a class you took three semesters ago that you think you still need, type them up and save them on your computer and recycle the paper. Get rid of dried out markers and pens taking up desk space. Go through your closet and see if there are clothes or shoes you don’t wear that you could donate. 


Mend a Quarrel

Is there someone you fought with that you think about often? Try to talk to them and apologize. You don’t have to become great friends or anything, but you can clear the air and lift a weight off your shoulders. Go into the new decade without any grudges.

Pick Up a New Good Habit or Begin to Break a Bad One

Whether you want to start recycling more or stop vaping so much, now is the best time to work on that. You could wait until New Year’s Day to start, but I think we all know how New Year’s resolutions work out. Just think of something you wish you did more and try to work it into your daily routine!

Laugh More

Go into the new decade happy. Start doing something every day that makes you laugh. It could be hanging out with your friends, watching TikToks, looking at memes, or watching a hidden camera comedy show, it’ll make you happier. Who doesn’t want to start the next decade happy?

Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

You don’t have to go skydiving in the next two months, but maybe there’s something on your bucket list like going to an aquarium or taking a spontaneous weekend trip that you could totally pull off before the decade ends. Go into the new decade with a feeling of accomplishment!


There are so many great things you can do to be a better and stronger person for the new decade! Don’t just sit around, go do something!


Emily Rubin

Kennesaw '22

Emily is a senior at Kennesaw State University.
A collegiette's guide to life from the KSU chapter of Her Campus!