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5 Spooky Delicious Plant-Based Treats Perfect for Any Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to prep those spooky baskets and get ready to drown in the sugary treats of the season! Traditional candy can get boring and Halloween is the perfect time to get extremely creative with baked goods and sweet treats. These are 5 delicious plant-based desserts that will be perfect for any Halloween party; free of spooky dairy allergens anyone may have and great choices for your vegan friends!

1. Vegan Mummy Cupcakes

Get some friends to create your own easy and fun to make mummy cupcakes! Use your favorite vegan cake recipe to make these or the delicious chocolate cupcake recipe listed below. Use white chocolate chips, white icing, and fondant to make this treat into a spooky mummy.

2. Graveyard chocolate mousse pots

Being that it is a perfect time for morbid fun, these graveyard chocolate mousse pots are excellent for the occasion; dairy-free, delicious, and deadly!

3. Vegan monster cookies

Try this spooky take on a traditional double chocolate chip cookie! Add orange and yellow candy and some spooky eyes to create these vegan monster cookies.

4. Dark chocolate coconut ghosts

Want a healthier option? These dark chocolate coconut ghots are delicious and super cute!

5. Gluten free spider web brownies

Last but not least, these deidcant brownies are sure to be a croud pleaser! Drizzle on some peanut butter or sunbutter (for the nut-free attendees) to make a spooky spider web design on top!

A great aspect to any party is inclusivity and having options for everyone, so I hope you take the time to make one or two of these delicious vegan recipes for you Halloween gatherings! Any of your favorite desserts can be make vegan by swapping the eggs and dairy for plant based alternatives!

Jasmine Holland

Kennesaw '22

I am a junior marketing major at Kennesaw State University from Augusta, Georgia #706 :) I love to write about topics relating to my own experiences, fitness, veganism, and anything that could make someone happy and/or motivate and inspire them. //ig:@plantingjasmines //ig: @jasminexmonique
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