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5 Reasons You Need A Pet Fish

Fish are a common pet among average households and yet are an under-appreciated pet all the same. 

Fish are a deserving and fun pet to keep, just as dogs and cats! Here, we have scientifically-backed reasons why fish are totally awesome for your dorm or apartment and why they will make life that much better. 

They Have Health Benefits

It is no secret that many doctor’s offices have fish tanks and that many therapists recommend keeping fish as pets. It is because science backs up their health benefits! They are known to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and can help improve behavior and emotions. Watching a fish swim around just for a few minutes can help calm your mood and reduce your stress by a significant amount.

They Are Cheaper Than Other Pets

Having a pet fish is less expensive than having other pets. They don’t require many toys, and their food is significantly cheaper than dog and cat foods. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a small dog costs, on average, $1,471 per year, while a small fish is $227.

They Require Little Maintenance

Fish are super independent creatures, and honestly, they entertain us more than we do them. Depending on the fish you get (mollies and bettas are common for their low-maintenance lifestyle), they require little upkeep from you. Their tank being cleaned is the most you will have to do, and cleaning the tank is a small task compared to other large endeavors that other pets require.

They Help You Sleep Better

According to some sleep coaches, those who keep fish in their rooms and watch them at night can sleep better than those who don’t. They recommend them for those who have difficulty with insomnia or not sleeping well. Watching them swim around in their tank is similar to having white noises for sleep, except for your eyes!

They Are Super Rewarding

Fish are a super rewarding pet! You can become attached to your little friend, and some types of fish recognize their owner’s voices when you talk to them. They can also be trained to do tricks if you take the time to do it, and they will love you as you love them!

All in all, fish is an excellent pet for a wide variety of people, those who are not home often, those who struggle sleeping, those just wanting to dip their toe in the water of pet friends, and so many more. Their colorful and whimsical nature is rewarding for you, and your love for them is perfect for your swimming friend. Remember to research what pet fits your lifestyle best and what fish you feel most comfortable with! Just like all animals, each has its own unique personality and necessities! 

Molly is a self-proclaimed coffee addict with a love for fluffy socks, blankets, and dogs. She is a lover of light and a creator. Molly is an avid Jodi Picoult reader, and her passion lies in literature and helping kids. She is pursuing her passions by becoming an English teacher and cannot wait to be in the classroom.
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