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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Bullet Journaling Right Now

Bullet journaling is slowly gaining traction among people our age. Some of you are probably wondering though – “What exactly is a bullet journal?” As bulletjournal.com describes it, bullet journaling is “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.” Many Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and Pinterest boards dedicated to bullet journaling - filled with the most beautiful handwriting, calligraphy, and even drawings. Many people wonder: “Wow, that’s so amazing – how do they do this regularly?”

I started bullet journaling at the beginning of this year, specifically in April – when everyone was under “stay-at-home” orders. There was still a lot of time on my hands despite continuing classes online. Bullet journaling, for me, is not just another way to be organized. It is also another way for me to express my creativity and de-stress when I become overwhelmed with daily life. Deciding to become a “bullet journalist” was one of the best decisions I have made! Today, I’ll give you five reasons why you should become a part of the bu-jo community!

It Can Keep You Organized

Yes, while the calligraphy and designs of many bullet journals are outstanding – they aren’t the main point of bullet journaling. The point of a bullet journal is to keep you organized. In a bullet journal, the first page usually has a key, where different symbols have different meanings. For example, in my bullet journal, a triangle indicates an event, and a checkbox indicates a complete task. I like to think of my bullet journal as my “on-the-go” calendar, tracker, and notebook – my all-in-one hub for everything I do. I can quickly locate everything in my bullet journal, from when my next discussion post is due for my English class to when my next dance rehearsal is. If you want a brand-new method to continue or start getting organized, bullet journaling is the way to go!

Starting A Bullet Journal Is A Lot Simpler Than You Think

When I first started in April, I thought bullet journaling was going to be a little complicated. However, after researching and watching a few videos – I discovered that I was making it complicated. Starting a bullet journal requires two things: a notebook of your choice and a pen. That’s it! Super simple, isn’t it? While most bullet journals are done in a dotted notebook, bullet journaling can be done on any type of paper: lined, gridded, even blank! And buying a notebook is inexpensive! If you want to delve into the more artistic side, you can grab some Crayola markers or colored pencils and add your own spin! If you watch bullet journaling videos, most creators will list the supplies they use in the description. So if there’s a specific marker, adhesive tape, or even journal that you like – you can use that as well! But to start off on your bullet journal journey, you simply need a notebook, a pen, and your imagination!

You Can Draw Inspiration From Anywhere

Inspiration is all over the place when it comes to bullet journaling. For example, sometimes, I draw inspiration from YouTuber AmandaRachLee when creating my week-to-week pages. Not only can you get inspiration from other bullet journalists on social media, but you can also find inspiration from your own lifestyle. If you frequently go to cafes, you might do a café theme in your journal for a specific month. Or, if you want to base a month’s theme on all the shows you’ve been watching on Netflix – go for it! And if you aren’t the artistic type or want a more straightforward design for your bullet journal, a more minimal style with simple colors is just as lovely too! Wherever or whatever you draw inspiration from, you are in charge of what it will look like!

It Can Be A Stress-Reliever

We live in a stress-inducing world. Sometimes it seems as if we can never catch a break from what’s going on in our lives. Whenever we feel that way, we all want to escape and find peace – even if just for a minute. Bullet journaling can be an escape away from all the stress in life. My bullet journal isn’t only my planner, task list, and calendar but also just a regular journal. It is a place for me to write down my thoughts, track my mood, to look back on previous memories and feelings. At the end of each week, I write down a weekly reflection, and I focus on what happened that week and what to look forward to the next. I also do monthly reflections at the end of each month, the highlights, the bad times, what I’ve accomplished, and what I’ve learned. Getting your thoughts out on paper has always been noted as an excellent way to reduce stress, and why not do it in the same place where you stay organized?

You Can Be YOU In Your Bullet Journal! Your Journal Is An Extension Of You!

Don't get me wrong, I love planners and the creativity that goes into them – but having a theme and design picked out for me is something that I would use every day just didn't sit right with me. I knew there had to be another way to have a planner's organization but still express myself. I was able to achieve that with bullet journaling. Every month is another opportunity for me to challenge my creative mind and develop something that I would like to see in my bullet journal. The blank pages are another way for me to express myself, another way to see me as a unique individual. When you pick up your bullet journal, you should see YOU through words, pictures, and drawings – whatever you decide to add in there. So if you want to dedicate a whole monthly spread to your love for anime – go ahead! If you want to dedicate a theme to a social or humanitarian issue – the pages are there for you to do so! This is your bullet journal and no one else's, so only you can decide what's right and what's wrong.

In the five months, I have started my bullet journal journey, I have learned so much more about myself, and I’m even more organized. If you want to start bullet journaling after reading this, this is an experience you’ll really enjoy. I wish you the best of luck! Happy bullet journaling!

Hi friends! My name is Kenadee Knight and I am a 21-year-old senior English major, Dance minor at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia! I am originally from Decatur, GA. When I'm not doing schoolwork or writing for HerCampus, I enjoy dancing, listening to music, writing, and bullet journaling. I hope you enjoy reading my articles here at HerCampus!
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