5 Quarantine Netflix Binge Worthy TV Shows and Movies

While still social distancing day by day I have found myself searching app after app trying to find something interesting to watch so that I don't drive myself crazy just by sitting in the house but alas I am accompanied with a glass of wine, food and snacks! While surfing Netflix, here are my top five shows and movies I've enjoyed!

  1. 1. The 100

    After a nuclear war destroyed civilization a spaceship with the only left human species sent 100 teenagers that they considered delinquents back to earth to determine if there was a chance to be able to survive on the plant again. To their surprise they were not the only ones living on earth. As a need of survival of the fittest the teens do everything in their power to make earth survival for everyone left on the spaceship so that they can be sent back down to live on earth as well.

  2. 2. Moesha

    A CLASSIC! Moesha is a tenneager juggling school, friendships and romance but also trys to be the glue that helps to stick her family together.

  3. 3. October Fraction

    A supernatural drama about a couple who works for a monster hunting agency, where they discover dark family secrets of the family about the founders of their employer. The turn of events all started after their children awaken a witch that is set out for revenge.

  4. 4. The Take

    Everyone's favorite leading man, Idirs Elba, gains help from a professional pickpocketer, Richard Madden, to help track a terrorist group in Paris. This movie is full of action and captures your attention from the start!

  5. 5. Real Steel

    Hugh Jackman is in this action but also sweet movie involving an estranged son and a fighting robot.

I hope you guys like these shows and couple of movies I've included! Happy watching!