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5 Must Visit Vegan Resturaunts in the Atlanta Area

There are so many hidden gems in the Atlanta and Kennesaw area from places to eat to places to shop. Ever since I moved to the area, I’ve been exposed to the amazing restaurants, specifically vegan eateries. As a person who eats a vegan diet, I love trying new places to eat that offer many options to choose from. As a vegan, the options can be a little slim within traditional restaurants. One can get tired of constantly only ordering a salad, plain pasta, or a plain potato off of a seafood kitchen’s menu; this is why a restaurant that offers a multitude of options to choose from is so convenient for vegans. Here are my personal top 5 vegan restaurants I have had the pleasure of experiencing!

Slutty Vegan *black owned*

This is one of the most known restaurants on my list. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the very much deserved buzz around this vegan burger palace. Slutty Vegan’s primary location is in Atlanta on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Southwest in addition to its other locations in Georgia. Every option will make your tastebuds do a little dance. They have burger options featuring vegan cheese, shrimp, bacon, and the creamy special sauce. They also have a vegan sausage as a gluten-free option as well as chicken sandwiches. This is definitely a must-visit when you are in the Atlanta area. Black owner Pinky Cole opened up the restaurant in her apartment in 2018, and from that point on, its growth and impact have grown exponentially.

Mango Tree Raw Juice and Smoothies *black owned*

Having worked at this establishment, I know first hand that Mango Tree Raw Juice and Smoothies has the BEST and FRESHEST smoothies and acai bowls in Kennesaw. Everything is made to order and with love. Most of the options on the menu are organic as well. The menu options will have you thinking about which smoothie you want to try as if it were a life decision, but there is no need to worry. Everything is delicious! The menu describes what’s in every option, so you can choose your perfect combination. You also have the option to make your own smoothie or customize your acai bowl. This cafe is located on Legacy Park Boulevard. It’s owners, husband and wife, John and Kandyce Richmond, have created an excellent space for good vibes and healthy plant-based dining. 


I was able to try Cinnaholic this past Labor Day, and I was far from disappointed. Everything. Is. Vegan. You can have a vegan cinnamon roll covered in vegan cream cheese, vegan cookie dough, vegan brownies, vegan cookies, and SO much more. If you choose to visit any of these places mentioned, this should definitely be at the top of the list. Cinnaholic is located in Edgewood. 

Plant Based Pizzeria *black owned*

I was lucky enough to be awarded the experience of going to Plan Based Pizzeria for my birthday, and it did not disappoint. There were so many options to choose from. They serve pizza as well as chili cheese fries and sandwiches. I tried the Hawaiian pizza, and my best friend tried the pepperoni. We were pleasantly surprised. Plant Based Pizzeria would put any normal pizza chain to shame. This restaurant is located in Atlanta on Barrett Street Northeast.

VeGreen Burger

VeGreen Burger is a newer restaurant that resides in the Town Center Mall of Kennesaw. Everything is vegan. There are SO many different options range from a variety of burgers and chicken skewers to fried wontons and decadent baked goods. This restaurant is definitely a must-visit, the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Every restaurant aforementioned is supporting the cause of having delicious, cruelty free, vegan eats that are accessible to all. Even in a pandemic they have continued great service to their customers safely and conveniently. Even if you are not vegan, these restaurants are sure to become one of your favorites!

Jasmine Holland

Kennesaw '22

I am a junior marketing major at Kennesaw State University from Augusta, Georgia #706 :) I love to write about topics relating to my own experiences, fitness, veganism, and anything that could make someone happy and/or motivate and inspire them. //ig:@plantingjasmines //ig: @jasminexmonique
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