5 Inspirational Women in History We Admire

It’s Women’s History Month and we are celebrating! These five historical women stood by their truth and we could learn a thing or two from them.

1.) Aun Sang Suu Kyi

In Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s early life she was a fighter. After coming home from England, she became an activist against the ruling of dictator of Burma, U Ne Win. In 1989, she was under house arrest for going against the dictator, but in 1991 she won the Noble Prize for Peace. Finally, Suu Kyi was released in 2010 and held a seat in the National League for Democracy.

2.) Bille Jean King

Billie Jean King formed the Women’s Tennis Association and defeated Bobby Riggs in the famous “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match! King is also the first prominent female athlete to admit her homosexuality. After retiring from tennis, King continues her work as an influential social activist.

3.) Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker moved to France in the 1920’s and became one of Europe’s most popular and highest paid performers. During the 1950s and 60s, she devoted herself to fighting segregation and racism when she traveled to the United States.

4.) Malala Yousafzai

At a young age Malala Yousafzai defied forces that were not complying with basic human rights. Because of her activism efforts, she was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012. Yousafzai survived the attack, and went on to win the Noble Prize of Peace. She continues to advocate for girls to have an education to this day.

5.) Marie Curie

Marie Curie, along with her husband, led to the discovery of polonium and radium. After her husband’s death, she furthered the development of X-rays. Curie also became the first woman to win a Noble Peace Prize and the first person, man-or-woman, to win the award twice!

Each of these women have brought something different to the table, but the common ground is as stands: Keep fighting for what you believe in, even if there are forces that continue to knock you down or send you negative vibes.

Happy Women’s History Month!

All facts and statistics can be attributed to Biography.com