4 Ways to Get Through Difficult Times in Life

As I get older, I realize that life is hard. It’s harder than the mattresses they give us in the college dorms. Life gets so hard that it makes you reflect on being a child. Do you remember when someone always fed you, so you never had to think of what you were going to eat? I also remember not having to pay bills! It gets so hard I look back at my childhood self and scream, “I hate it here!” I’m 100% sure you feel me on this. I am willing to bet my bottom dollar on it (which right now is like $3.30).

During these hard times in life, it's easier to soak things in such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes you find yourself dragging yourself to work and school, or cooped up alone inside of a dark room. We have all been there, and you're not alone. I have found myself cooped up inside a dark room more times than I would like to admit. Mentally, I wanted to get up and be more proactive, but physically it was not in me. I realized that I was hurting myself even more than life was by not finding a way out of my funk. I had to ask myself, "You're going to forever go through hardships in life. Is this really how you want to handle every difficult season you have?" No, I didn't. I found ways that did not necessarily diminish my problems; however, they helped me get through difficult times. I make sure that daily I did one or more of these actions to ensure that I fed my spirit peace and serenity.

  1. 1. Yoga

    Yoga is a fantastic way to relieve stress! It's straightforward and not time-consuming at all! Also, it's free! A quick click onto YouTube gives you access to free yoga! It would be great to put yoga into your morning routine. Mentally, yoga allows you to forget about your current situation and go into another world. It gives you the ability to close your eyes and be on a beach listening to the ocean waves while feeling the ocean breeze. Physically, yoga can stretch you out and get out those kinks and feeling of tightness you receive from stress. Don't underestimate what a 15-minute yoga session can do for you mentally and physically!

  2. 2. Eating Healthy

    If you're anything like me while upset, junk food is your go-to. As tempting as it sounds to go to Walmart and buy up the snack aisle, DO NOT DO IT, SIS. I repeat, don't do it! You need to put down the ice cream and jolly ranchers now! Ordering that large pizza from Dominos might feel good while you're eating, but you're not going to feel so good afterward. You're going to overeat, and you're going to feel heavy. You feeling heavy is going to lead to you being more inactive. This is time for you to go to the kitchen to make something light for yourself!

  3. 3. Hobbies

    I love to write songs, sing and go into imaginary worlds. Sis, I’m not joking! I put on a Beyoncé playlist, and I pretend all of her songs are mine, my room becomes the State Farm Arena, and I’m playing the flute and twerking at the same time! If you have yet to find a hobby, do not be discouraged because finding out what you love to do is even more exciting than knowing.

  4. 4. Friends and Family

    This one is extremely important! You remember that dark room you love so much to be cooped inside of. Yeah, let’s turn on the lights! Let’s add two of your closest friends, your favorite movie, and PJs. You need them in your life! The PJs, of course, but your friends are a necessity too! Your loved ones are going to take you out of your funk and project their positive, energetic energy your way! Love is a powerful thing, and you need it to get through difficult times!

These four ways are more go-to; however, there are so many other ways to help you get through hardships! Hopefully, this gets your wheels turning, and you can find out what works best for you. Don’t give up, because you’re not in this alone!