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10 Showstopping Beyonce’ Songs to Celebrate Beyday

If there’s any artist whose music is sure to give you an instant pick-me-up, it’s none other than the queen herself, Beyoncè. Over the years Beyoncè has created an impressive and diverse catalog of music that not only reflects her personal journey as an artist but provides inspiration and uplifting to her listeners worldwide. In celebration of this Leo queen’s birthday, here is a list of ten songs sure to give you some confidence and motivation.

Schoolin' Life

One of my personal favorites, "Schoolin’ Life", is an upbeat tune made to give you the confidence to walk through life with your head held high.

Drunk in Love

"Drunk in love" is one of the biggest hit's from Beyoncè's self-titled album and is perfect for a late-night celebration.


If there was ever a perfect girls' night song- this is it! 


Did someone say confidence? "Ego" is a confidence anthem that will help you channel your inner Queen Bey!

Before I Let Go

Whether you're dancing on your own or at a party, Beyoncè's spin on the classic, Frankie Beverly and Maze's " Before I Let Go," is sure to get you on your feet.


From her album, The Lion King: The Gift, "​MOOD 4 EVA", reigns as one of Beyonce's newest and most diverse party jams.


This empowering hit is a confidence builder for all women. Its high-energy beat will surely get your motivation going.

Freakum Dress

Getting ready? "Freakum Dress" is the perfect song to beat your face and curl your hair- you might even put it on repeat!

Brown Skin Girl

Of all the reasons to admire Beyoncè's music, the most powerful reason is that it creates a safe space for black girls to be comfortable in their own skin and love who they are. "Brown Skin Girl" is an outstanding ballad to help you do just that.

Crazy in Love

What's a celebration without classic Beyoncè? Last but certainly not least, is a timless jam necessary for every celebration, "Crazy in Love."

Beyonce is truly the queen of making music for every occasion. I hope you enjoy these songs and find yourself uplifted by them when you are in need of some motivation or you're trying to channel your inner queen.

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