Recipe for a True Friendship

Many may say that friendship is a hidden treasure, but in my opinion, friendship is something that is created. Some friendships grow with us since childhood, and others are formed throughout life. True friends are hard to find but even harder to keep, it all depends on how much time and effort we put into the relationship. Based on my experience, true friends are those that are there in the worst and best moments in  life. I had some of these in high school, but it was truly in college that I recognized what true friendship meant. I have met many people, but there are only a few I can call my real friends.

When I first entered college, I was frightened that I was not going to make any friends or that my friendships would end up being superficial. Boy, was I wrong! During freshmen year, I created a bond with five girls that I can call sisters, and each and every single one of them brings a different characteristic to our friendship. They are the ones I can text at four in the morning when I cannot sleep, they are the ones I look for to talk about absolutely anything. I can say I have five shoulders to cry on when I feel sad. Every time I suffer from migraines they run to the pharmacy to get me my pill. More than sisters, they have been angels that God has sent my way.

This friendship has been a lesson to me because it hasn’t only been butterflies and rainbows. Our friendship has been characterized by hardships as well. We have learned to forgive each other, to look past our flaws, and to see the good in each of us. Recently we had what we call an “SOS meeting” because we had important issues to talk about; we were slowly drifting apart, and two girls decided to make an intervention to the group. That’s when I realized friendship is not something that is found, or something you can keep forever and will be waiting for you whenever you need it. Friendship needs work, time and dedication. Therefore, I want to share with you this amazing recipe to form a new and honest bond with your friends!


  • Trust
  • Time
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Faith


  1. Open your heart.That is the only way you will find good friends.
  2. Trust one another.
  3. Communicate your feelings. If you are mad, happy, or sad about something, say it!
  4. In college, finding some time to socialize and have friends can be hard, but make an effort and try!
  5. Love your friends, and let them love you as well.
  6. Be happy and create lots of memories together!

Sometimes we make the mistake of believing that friends are there to listen to our problems or just people to have fun with when going out. In reality, friends are there for you to listen to them as well. Friendship is a precious thing that needs to be taken care of, it requires trust, faith, and lots of love for it to become real. True friendships exist, they are not just part of fairy tales. God has given me great friends, and I hope I am able to keep them my whole life, something that I wish to everyone out there as well! 

Photos were provided by the writer.