A Playlist to Save the Semester

Once the professors hand their syllabus, tests, and assignments, you know it is that time of the year when your planner goes full in bright red. Music is the escape and home to everyone in this world, especially during those days in college when life gets hectic (can we discuss finals for a moment!?). Whether it is during planning, procrastinating, or last-minute working, the right playlist plays up quite the role. Because we know the struggle, we recommend these five electrifying, yet peaceful songs to add to your playlist this semester. Now, get ready to hit the books!

Lay It All On Me by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran

The collaboration between this band and artist could not have been more perfect. The catchy track flows smoothly in the ears of stressed students while doing homeworks and the lyrics are truly a compilation to hear!

Eyes as Candles by Passion Pit

This band’s hidden and critically acclaimed track is perfect for everyone, even for non-pop-indie lovers. The song is a sweet electric lullaby that brings serenity and a positive rhythm for stressed out students.

Green Eyes by Coldplay

Green Eyes provides that acoustic ballad that brings you into that place where peace and good ideas burst. Coldplay is a good choice when it comes to using patience and concentration to completely understand those hard accounting projects and literature assignments. Most of Coldplay’s songs achieve this feeling, especially because of Chris Martin’s smooth and soothing voice.

A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay

Coldplay doesn’t really need an introduction by now. The band has extraordinary tunes. A Sky Full of Stars carries a desperate college student into the peaceful floating space he needs.

Take Shelter by Years & Years

Years & Years is a British electronica band that has been gaining slow but well-deserved fame for the past couple of years. After listening to their albums, it doesn’t take much time to notice their talent. Take Shelter is one of the fans’ favorite tracks because of the tribal air of adventure it has in its unique beat.

Can’t Feel my Face by The Weeknd

The Weeknd has been recently getting plenty of well-deserved attention. This song has been an anthem for all the 2015 summer parties. Even though it has an electric and danceable beat, it works surprisingly well for writing down ideas and even composing one of those long papers due the next day… or in a few hours. It is enjoyable at all times!

Working ahead and preparing both mentally and physically are perks of being a dedicated student. However, with the help of the right playlist, the situation becomes a bit more bearable. A friendly reminder is to try to include exercising, social activities, and healthy eating to your schedule; it will boost your motivation even further!