Incienso de Dios: A Bright Sisterhood

"Small for the world, but great for you Oh’ Lord!"

Sisterhood, cooperation, servitude, love, hope, and trustworthiness; these are some of the characteristics of the members of the Incienso de Dios Household. During college life, students are able to get involved in several extracurricular activities such as clubs, households, ministries, etc. Here at Keiser University LAC, households are very important because they have strengthened our faith in God and helped people to find their sisters and brothers in Christ more easily.

The Incienso de Dios Household was founded in 2003 when the dean of students came up with the idea. With the help of ten committed girls, the household was built and ready to start! The name ‘‘Incienso de Dios’’ came as an inspiration from our household song, which was written by one household member, Astrid Valle. Our saint is Saint Therese of Lisieux, known as the ‘‘Little Flower,’’ who represents humbleness and holiness in small acts of love. 

To cope with the graduation of many Humitas (as we are called), the executive board and us girls try to integrate new sisters at the beginning of each semester to increment the size of this beautiful family. The girls get to know each other and to share valuable time as sisters not only during the weekly Monday meetings but also in their daily life. When problems arise, these girls can count on each other; they are always supportive and willing to help. Being part of this household, however, has shown me that although we are very supportive and united, not everything is always a ‘‘bed of perfect roses ’’. During this present year, we have had to face many ups and downs among us, but we have been able and given the strength to overcome them which has not only made us stronger, it has also shaped us to become a closer family.   

On November, the 11th of 2015, the consecration of households took place at the chapel and five new girls officially became part of our family. In the same way, the old members were able to renew their vows. We were so happy and proud to see our family grow and now, to also look back at all the wonderful memories we have made together! Being part of Incienso de Dios has been a whole new experience of learning, helping, and understanding of others by doing small sacrifices as our Saint whom we look up to, once instructed. We have grown as sisters and I know that we will continue to grow and be there for each other until the end of our days. Being part of this household has changed my life, and I am sure it will change the lives of those who decide to join us as well, so come over at one of our meetings! You will not regret it! 

Special thanks to Nubia Granja for her contribution to the article.