Cuties of the week Michelle and Cristopher Garcia

Age: 18 (Chris) 19 (Michelle)

Major: Criminal Psychology (Chris) Forensic Science (Michelle)

Relationship status: Single (Chris); in a relationship (Michelle)

Hometown: Heredia, Costa Rica (Both) 



Describe your relationship as brother and sister in three words:

MG: Trust, hilarious, sarcastic.

CG: Funny, upkeep, compliance.

What is the quality that like the most of each other?

MG: That he is not afraid to speak up (I’m really shy).

CG: I like how she is always concerned about my wellbeing.

What is the things you hate the most?

MG: He is too lazy.

CG: Her bossiness, even though it is because she cares about me.

What is the best memory you share with each other?

MG: Watching all six of the Star Wars movies and “battling” each other with toy light sabers.

CG: Building blanket forts on our bunk bed when we were little and spending the night in them with our younger brother

How good is your relationsip from a scale of 1-10 (ten being really good)? 

MG: Maybe between an eight and a nine (8-9).

CG: I would give it a nine (9).

What hobby/acitivity do you both share?

MG: Music.

CG: Making music!

Do you have inside jokes with each other?

MG: Any “How I Met Your Mother” reference.

CG: We always are sarcastic with each other.

How long have been apart from each other?

MG: About a year and a half.

CG: Maybe a bit more than a year.

Fun Facts:

·      Favorite food: Pizza and sushi (not at the same time)(Chris); Chinese (Michelle)

·     Place you would rather be: Germany or the U.S (Chris); Greece (Michelle)

·      Favorite color: Green (Chris); Black (Michelle).

·      Favorite outfit: A pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt, and my Star Wars Vans. (Chris); Vans, black, ripped jeans, my favorite black beanie, and any t-shirt that goes with it.

·      Role model: My mother. (Both)