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Are you a Kean resident tired of the same foods served on campus? Are you interested in trying new dishes like sushi or fresh grilled steak? Would you finally want to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out on a nice date rather than dining at the Cougar’s Den? If so, then you are exactly in the right place! Here are five must go to restaurants around campus.

1. Parador Rojo

Parador Rojo is a Colombian restaurant located right here on Morris Avenue! It is only a few blocks away, practically walking distance from campus. It is well known for their smoothies that are served in a variety of flavors including passion fruit, strawberry, banana, mango, and guava. Be sure to learn a couple Spanish words since the majority of the staff are Latino. If you do get the chance to visit Parador Rojo make sure to order the “carne asada” which comes with a well-seasoned steak, salad, and fried plantain slices. 

2. Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a Dominican restaurant just a bit farther from campus. It is well know for its Dominican style dishes, which include breaded steak, oxtail stew, mofongo with chicken, and codfish. The dishes are very affordable and ranges around 6 to 15 dollars. The best part about Punta Cana is that they offer delivery! So if you’re ever stuck on campus during these winter nights and want to order in, Punta Cana is a great place to order from.

3. Kyoto Sushi II

Kyoto Sushi II is a Japanese restaurant 2.8 miles away from campus. If you’re a fan of raw fish then this is the spot for you. Although it seems like a small place, their sushi is definitely one of a kind! Even if you’re not into fish there is plenty of dishes to choose from including the bento box, hibachi lunch with the choice of shrimp, steak, salmon, vegetable, and chicken, and a variety of Japanese noodles. Kyoto Sushi II also has a number of exotic desserts to try like the cheesecake tempura.

4. Kim’s in the Mix

Kim’s In The Mix is one of the top soul food spots in New Jersey. If you enjoy a home cooked meal with a hint of Virginia and South Carolina roots, you’ll fall in love with this restaurant. Although it is farther than the other three restaurants it is definitely worth the drive. The Star Ledger has chosen Kim’s In The Mix as one of the top ten restaurants of 2013! Make sure to try Kim’s waffles and fried chicken. Not to mention the endless choices of their famous desserts.


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