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I think it is safe to say that in some way everyone enjoys watching an excellent movie. A movie that consists of good actors/actresses, a good plot, and most importantly a superb conclusion. With that being said close to 35 movies will be premiered between the Spring and Summer of 2014. I have done research and list the top 6 movies you would want to purchase a ticket for, along with some popcorn.

6. “A Haunted House 2”- If you watched the first part you understand Marlon Wayans hilarious comedy. This is a movie with bizarre, paranormal events with a twist of comedy included. In part two Malcolm has decided to start fresh with his wife and children and decide to move into what they believe is their dream home. However things start to get a little freaky within days of living there. This movie is said to air April 18, 2014.

5. “The Other Woman”- This comedy is about a woman who realizes she is no longer her boyfriend’s lover, and decides to get revenge. However her revenge seems a little strange when she teams up with her ex boy-friend wife. The two women get together and do some hilarious things. This movie stars Cameron Diaz, Onika Miraj, and Kate Upton just to name a few. This movie will premiere in theatres on April 25, 2014.

4. “Step Up: All In”- For those who love the previous “Step Up” movies get ready to enjoy the third sequel. The team is in Las Vegas preparing for a victory battle. With triumphs and situations will the team rise above in take the win that will define their dreams and goals? Starring Duane Adler, Briana Evigan, and Alyson Stoner. This dance theme movie will premiere in theatres July 25, 2014.

3. “Get on Up”- This biopic is about the chronicles of the legendary singer James Brown. How he rises from nothing to a world’s icon. The movie gives fans a taste of his life and what he had to go through to become a successful soul man. This movie seems like a great one to go see with your parents as they probably enjoyed listening to his music back in the day. The release date is set for August 1, 2014.

2. “Rio 2”- Blu and Jewel are back for some more fun in the jungle. As the two along with their children decide to relocate Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. However, obstacles occur when Blu meets his rival Nigel, and meet his father in law. This fun animated movie will have you laughing for days. This movie has a great cast including, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Will I Am, and even Bruno Mars. The release date is April 11, 2014.

1. “Neighbors”- A couple who recently had a baby moves into a beautiful home. The only issue; it’s right next to a fraternity house. Watch how the two men begin to battle with each other constantly in this hilarious comedy. This movie stars Zac Efron, and Seth Rogen . This comedy will be in your theatres on May 9, 2014. 


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