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Tips for ladies on how to deal with those painful, dreadful moments of the month.

Most women, like myself hated one particular stage of puberty. During puberty we became fully developed, and unfortunately that involved getting these annoying, painful, weakening feelings in our stomachs, which yes ladies you know what phrase im talking about.


Period symptoms range in each woman. Some women get severe cramps, bleeding, headaches, backaches, weakening in muscles, massive bloating and sometimes even intense rib pain. Other women tend to have mild symptoms, such as small cramps, or none at all, slight bloating, and slight bleeding.


When I have my moment of the month, I tend to follow certain techniques to help me get through it. These techniques include getting a lot of bed rest, drinking some juice throughout the day, and do all of your work from bed.

  1. Get some bed rest

    Getting rest during severe period side effects helps your body in a major way. During the school semester it becomes very challenging to take some time for yourself and rest up, but you just have to try and make that little sacrifice.

    For example, I tend to have major period symptoms and at times it becomes very hard for me to concentrate on my school work, but when I feel my body give out, I have no option but to stop for awhile. While I am on bed rest, I bundle up underneath my covers, prop up pillows behind my head and watch some television.

    I also take long naps, which some how makes me forget about all the period symptoms. It also relaxes your mind and keeps your body at ease.

2. Drink some juice to get a little sugar into your body

During periods your appetite for food gets very low and since your energy goes down, you have no energy to cook, or eat anything. The easiest way to make sure you get some energy, is to drink some juice. My personal favorite drink to have during these moments is Arizona Green Tea and it has natural ingredients, which is the best part !

Drinking juice will at least satisfy your appetite for a few hours. Now you can’t rely on juice to hold you off for the entire day, so try to eat some fruit along with it. Fruit is very healthy and it is important to keep your body in good shape during these next period days.

3.  Work from the comforts of your own bed

When your muscles and back are in a lot of pain, it is very uncomfortable to sit straight up in a chair. In order to take less pressure off your back, grab all your school books, and your laptop (depending on what homework, or work you have to do), place pillows behind your back, a blanket across your legs, and get to work ! This is my personal method to be lazy, but productive at the same time.

These methods constantly work for me, but at the end of the day it is your choice to do what is best for you. Once you develop your own personal techniques to get through these moments, you will feel much more confident on conquering each one that you will experience for many years to come.



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