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Three of the most breath taking dresses from James Bond movies

One of the biggest movie franchises in the world is James Bond films. James Bond films have been around for years, and every few years a new Bond comes on the screen. In addition to presenting new Bond actors, Bond films are also known for their stunning Bond ladies and especially their dresses. In this article, there is a list of goregous dresses worn in Bond films by Eva Green, who played Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale”, Caterina Murino, Solange, and Berenice Marlohe, Severine in “Skyfall”. Each of the dresses that these women wore in the film were glamorous, unique, and made everyone keep their eyes attached to the screen.

Vesper Lynd’s long, silk purple dress

Vesper Lynd’s purple dress was my personal favorite out of all the gowns she worn in “Casino Royale”. This dress is stunning from head to toe. It has medium sized silver jewels in the v-cut portion of the front part of the dress. It has a halter style top, low cut in the back to show off some skin, and drapes down to the floor. It also has a purple silk scarf. Even though the dress has a sexy appeal to it, it is still very classy and perfect to wear to any fancy occasion. The best hairstyle to go with this gown would be either loose curls, a high sleek ponytail, or a loose bun. For jewelry there is not much that needs to be added to this dress, besides little silver or black dangling earrings. In the shoe catergory silver shoes would complete this look. When you walk into a dinner or party, every person in that room will give you the same eyes that Daniel Craig gave Vesper!

Solange’s peach strappy dress

If you want to turn your boyfriend on when you go out, this dress will definitely accomplish that goal. Solange’s dress in “Casino Royale” is just “wow”. The dress is made out of silk peach material, has thick straps at the back that show off a little skin, but not too excessive, has a bow above the butt area, has thick straps down the side with glitter, and has a funky type of v-cut in the front. If you are on vacation and going to a party in like any tropical location, this dress should be the first thing you pull out of your closet. This dress goes perfect with gold earrings, or gold earrings with peach in it as well. As for hair you should definitely try and leave your hair out with some waves to it, or even very loose curls. As for shoes you can go with a high heel strappy sandal in gold and that would complete your entire look!

Severine’s black crystal dress

Severine’s dress in “Skyfall” is an amazing see through black dress that has elegant twists lining the back of the dress. On the sleeves there are eye catching crystals that are neatly placed in rows down towards the beginning of her wrist. This dress has a very gothic, sassy feel to it and it goes perfectly with black, clear, or silver long earrings, or small ones. If you want to wear a ring on your hand like Severine by all means go for it. As for shoes black high heels with beads would be perfect, or even a simple plain black heel would do. Hairstyles that would be great for this dress would be any hot up do. When your hair is tied up with this dress, it gives the full view of the designs on the gown and that is what you should want, unless you want to leave some of the dress to your man’s imagination.

If you love wearing a memorable dress that will leave a strong impression, then you should definitely keep these three styles in mind. These three dresses offer a little bit of everything for any person that loves a pop fashion style, bright colors, and gothic style as well. Very few dresses can make someone’s personality shine through it, and that is why these are the most special dresses in the James Bond films collection!


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