Ten of the most popular old and current chic flicks of all time.

Throughout the years there have been many movies that many women classify as their top girly movies of all time. Men tend to call these type of films “chic flicks” and here are the top ten from the 90's through 2013.

  1. “Ten Things I Hate About You”

    “Ten Things I Hate about You” is an old film that still attracts many teenagers and even some college students until this day. It also has the adorable and sexy Heath Ledger playing a rebel high school kid that any girl would fall for. He still makes me drool while watching this film.

2. “Princess Diaries”

“Princess Diaries” is a really cute chic flick film for girls who love watching movies about a simple high school teenager that has an interesting secret past. If you are a huge fan of Anne Hathaway and want to see one of her biggest girly first films she ever starred in, then definitely check out this film.

3. “Cinderella Story”

Another princess style movie was “Cinderella Story” with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. If you like the original version of “Cinderella” by Disney, then you will love this this modern “Cinderella Story” film. It adds a nice twist to the classic, cool music, and sweet unique kissing scene at the end.

4. “Transformers”

If you are into robots, action, and the oh so handsome Shia La Beouf then you probably saw “Transformers”. “Transformers” is a wonderful film for ladies that like action movies, plus romance, and some amazing cars.

5. “Casino Royale”

“The name is Bond, James Bond.”

Ahh who can ever get enough of James Bond. James Bond films are just fantastic with the action, stunning gowns worn by the Bond girls, and the constant changes in the Bond characters, which the most recent is Daniel Craig. If you always wanted to know what its like to attend a high class poker game, then watch “Casino Royale”.

6.  “P.S. I love You”

Although this movie is sad, it does have a beautiful love story to it. If you like Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank in their most vulnerable roles, then you probably saw this film. In addition to some sad moments, it has some cheerful scenes like karaoke one, a funny fishing scene, plus images of Ireland. This film is fantastic and if you have not checked it out already, then do so. It will have the same strong effect on your heart like “The Notebook” did.