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Television shows and films that embrace the old fashion clothing styles of the Victorian era and the 20’s.

Many shows that are on television today do not incoporate the old fashioned life into their stories, but there are two shows that do and they are “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”. “The Vampire Diaries” is now in its fifth season and throughout all the seasons there would be flashbacks into one of the vampires lives, like for example Katherine’s. When the producers dived back into Katherine’s life they showed not only her personal life including her first loves, but they also focused on her Victorian style fashioned clothing.

One of the most elegant gowns that Katherine wore in “The Vampire Diaries” was a breathtaking green and gold princess style Victorian dress. This dress is elaborately decorated in intricate gold designs throughout the entire dress, it has a corset top, a brown bow in the middle, and a puffy sleeve cardigan. In addition to all the detail in the dress, Katherine adds a tan hat with flowers at the back of it and a cream with white victorian necklace with an outline picture of her on it. This dress is just perfect and radiates history and elegance!

The original family Rebekah, Elijah, and Klaus from “The Originals” have been around for 1,000 years and they lived through many huge eras in history, especially the 20’s. Although all the originals looked dashing during the 20’s era, Rebekah stood out the most because she adds class, with a little sass. The 20’s style dress that stood out to me the most, was her stunning black flapper style dress that she wore to Marcel’s welcome back party.

Rebekah’s black dress may look simple, but it has black outlined with silver swirl designs throughout the entire gown. The dress also has some traces of green in it, glitter, as well as an intersting type of v-cut in the front, and a deep v-cut shape in the back as well. Rebekah also is wearing a layered red, white, and black necklace that has flowers in it to add a little spice to her 20’s outfit. Rebekah looks perfect and if it caught Marcel’s attention, then I would want to wear it too!

In addition to both of these shows, there is one film that also brought out the old fashioned style back to life and it was in the film “Eclipse”, which is part of the Twilight Saga. In “Eclipse” when Rosalie was explaining her life story to Bella, there was one scene where she was wearing a beautiful white lace dress with polka dots. The polka dots are mixed with two colors both gold and brown. There is a simple silk cream ribbon across the middle section of the dress. The dress has ruffled sleeves and is paired with cream color gloves, along with a cream and brown hat. Rosalie is also wearing a black with gold and green necklace, that makes the dress pop even more. This dress is wonderful on her!

I love old fashioned styles and these are the shows, along with a film that brought history back into existence.










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