Saré Miller

As you can see behind that sweet smile, Saré has the style of a free spirit. She brings personality to the clothing that she wears. Saré is well on her way to earning a political science degree here at Kean University in hopes of becoming an urban planner. Although she hardly finds any time to shop anymore, she still enjoys keeping up with the latest trends.

Here, Saré is wearing an “Alice in Wonderland” shirt and a bohemian style fringe jacket both from Forever 21. The dark blue jeans are from PacSun and her stylish headband is from Aerie. She is a big fan of “Alice in Wonderland” and is often tempted to buy anything that is associated with her favorite novel. She also likes to collect all sorts of headbands, especially headwraps.

Saré usually shops at Forever 21, H&M, PacSun, and Aerie. She definitely likes to change her style around and although you may see her in a more laidback look right now, you will most likely see her in preppy outfits as well. Saré will often use accessories, such as jewelry and headbands to intensify her look. “A beautiful necklace will always do justice to a nice outfit”, says Miller.

As a full-time student and working as a T2K instructor, you will always see Saré wearing the latest trends. Please feel free to point her out on her beautiful fringe jacket if you ever see her on campus!