A Preview of "The Originals": A Test of Loyalty, Egos, and Love

“The Originals” a show that tests loyalty, egos, and love.



Are you a huge fan of “The Vampire Diaries” and enjoyed watching the original family in action during the third and fourth seasons? Well, guess what? The producers behind “The Vampire Diaries” decided to create a spin-off show and dive deeper into the original family history!

On the CW 11 channel they premiered the show “The Originals.” The cast of “The Originals” are Claire Holt, who plays “Rebekah”, Joseph Morgan as “Klaus”,  Daniel Gillies as “Elijah”, Charles Michael Davis as “Marcel” and Phoebe Tonkin as “Hayley”.

The show is based on the story behind the original family and their discovery of a town known as New Orleans.  When the family landed in New Orleans three hundred years ago, they built businesses and homes for its residents, witches, wolves, and vampires.

As the family continued to live in New Orleans, they formed a close relationship with a young boy named Marcel. Marcel was abused as a young child and suffered the loss of his parents due to a deadly fever.

In order for Marcel to have a great life, the original family took him under their wing. They helped in raising him, turned him into a vampire, and provided him with important life lessons.

As the original family continued to settle into their pleasant life, their evil and discompassionate father, Michael, decided to strip away everything they had no matter what the cost. Michael burned down most of the businesses in the town, and he even left a trail of hundreds of dead vampires.

While being chased out of  the town, the originals were devastated because they had a strong feeling that one of the dead vampires was Marcel. Rebekah suffered the most because she fell in love with Marcel. Each of the originals mourned Marcel for years. Over time though, they decided to slowly move on with their lives.

After one hundred years of being exiled from New Orleans, Klaus decided to leave Mystic Falls and come back to his home. When he arrives in New Orleans everything appears to be as beautiful as when the originals created it, but that was not the case.

While Klaus attends a festival and is having a conversation with a witch, he learns that someone decided to take over the town with outrageous rules. The rules included witches could not mention or create spells, and wolves could not roam around in the french quarter because they would all be diminished.

As Klaus receives all of this insight, he asks who is the person that established these regulations. He finds out it is his old buddy Marcel. When Klaus finally runs into Marcel at a Karaoke bar there is an intense amount of tension, but it is soon filled with happiness!

Klaus is extremely excited to see that Marcel is alive and well, but he is not too happy with the idea of having to bow down to his young friend. Klaus also receives more shocking news when he is forced to visit witches and comes face to face with Hayley, a wolf girl who is carrying his child!

As the show continues, Elijah persuades Klaus that the only way he will get his home back under his control, is through the power of family. Although Klaus refuses to be a father and dismisses what Elijah said, he will never give up when backed into a corner.

So after giving in to Elijah's idea, Klaus comes up with a plan. He decides to fight with all his might and use his sister Rebekah to help.

The love that Klaus originally had for his friend is pushed to the side as he plots on ripping down Marcel's empire piece by piece. The only question that lies out in the open is, will Rebekah go along with Klaus and take down her true love, or will she switch sides to stay with Marcel?

The only way to see what happens plus find out the answer to this question is to check out the show that everyone continues to love and gossip about “The Originals”. “The Originals” comes on every Tues. at 8 p.m.on the CW network.

Photo Credit: www.swide.com