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Performances : HC Celebration

“Rap!” “Perform!” “Do something!” the crowd requested.

Anonymous_X1, humbly took a stance in front of the elegantly dressed guest, at yesterday’s celebration. He spit a pretty serious spoken word piece about music. Through the silence and pauses that spoken word creates, Anonymous created a beautiful picture of music being more than just words on a beat. When the poem was finished, all that rung in celebrants ears were applauses.



The spoken word was seconded by none other than the infamous Genaro Ortiz, fellow spitter and homie of Anonymous_XI!

He blessed the scene with a dope verse of his mix tape and had the crowd wanting more.


Shari, an inspirational singer decided to chime in with a beautiful song by Faith evens.

To end the night, Ikenna Chikezie, surprised everyone with a last second appearance. His lovable character and positive persona filled the room like a vapor! No wonder his motto is Love over Everything!

Anonymous_XI, Genaro Ortiz and Ikenna huddled up to pull of an unforgettable rap cypher !

22 year old Psychology Major at Kean University Passion for Poetry Freelance Writer Song Writer
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