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Paul Volcy ’12

Name: Paul Volcy
Year: Senior
Major: Physical Education/ Adult Fitness
Hometown: East Orange
Birthday: December 10
Age: 21
Relationship Status: Single
Her Campus Kean: What was your childhood dream?
PV: To be a superhero, superman.
HCK: What do you plan to do when you graduate?
PV: Go to grad school, at least two years for sports coaching or exercise.
HCK: Any Hobbies?
PV: Most of the time I’m in the gym working out.
HCK: If you could describe your dream girl how would she be?
PV: I don’t know, has to be somebody that can be themself. I don’t really care about the looks but I don’t want some one who is bossy and with a bad attitude.
HCK: So attitudes would be a turn off?
PV: Yes, you have a bad attitude that’s a turn off. I don’t care how pretty you are but an attitude, that’s it for me.
HCK: Do you have a nickname?
PV: They called me MVP in high school.
Color: Blue
Food: Fried Chicken
Song: Don’t have one
Sport: Football
Team: New York Giants
Number: Don’t have one
Band/Artist: Don’t have one

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