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Occupy Wall Street: November 17 Day of Action

Less than 20 miles from the Kean campus thousands of Occupy Wall Street protestors marched from Zuccotti Park in the financial district to Foley Square and the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday's OWS Day of Action. The Occupy Wall Street website marked the Day of Action as the commemoration of the two month anniversary of the birth of the 99% Movement.  According to CNN, the police said 245 people had been arrested in the city by 8 p.m.

Since September the protestors, many of whom are students and recent graduates (read more on Occupy Colleges here), have gathered in Zuccotti Park to protest against corporate greed, corruption and economic inequality between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population they call the 99%.

Last month Her Campus Kean contributor Brittany Irvine and over a dozen Tower reporters interviewed Kean students to find out what they thought about the OWS movement.  Check out the findings here.

(Photo Credit: Will Fu, senior at Parsons The New School for Design)

Avani Kapur is a senior at Kean University studying Writing with a minor in Communication.  She is currently an intern at Kooba Bags in New York City.  She also contributes to the student newspaper at her school, The Tower. She loves to travel and just came back from a summer study abroad in gorgeous Florence.  Avani also loves shopping and has an obsession with cute heels, bags and leather jackets.  In her free time you can find her writing at Starbucks, cooking, or lounging on the couch with her adorable kitten, Fred, and her dog, Bella.  She is so excited to be part of the HerCampus team!
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