Liberty Hall Luncheon

Despite the urban ambience and modernesque buildings that define Kean University, when you enter Kean’s historic Liberty Hall grounds it feels like a completely different world.

On a chilly April afternoon, Her campus members prepare for a Luncheon in the tea room of the 50-room victorian mansion that belonged to the the Livingston/Kean family.

While walking up to the tea room, a pebble rock pathway leads the way towards the back courtyard of the house. The tea room, set up with antique wooden tables and shelves holding white and blue teapots, acts as a balcony with window views of the flowers blooming in the “Alice and Wonderland” esque maze garden.

Members of Her campus gathered around and admire the quaint simplicity of the room. White table cloths surrounded with fake red roses and pink flowers gave off a very Her Campus vibe.

“My goal in having this event was to give members a chance to have some downtime away from school and their other responsibilities” said club president Jasmine Leach.

Members were definitely able to do so while snacking on homemade macaroni salad, almond and coconut cookies, and cupcakes among other snacks.

The girls in attendance played games, such as pictionary and were very quick at guessing each others drawings. A boat representing the movie “Titanic” and a pineapple for the beloved cartoon Spongebob were easily recognized causing laughter among everyone present.

The laughter and banter of the Her Campus members and the breathtaking views of the courtyard gave much color to the luncheon. As the event came to an end,the slow old-fashion vibe of the Liberty Hall ground made it hard to return to 4:30p.m classes, work and other common obligations of college students.

“It was a lot of fun , relaxing and I got to bond even more with my team! It was definitely a much needed stress reliever.” declared Leach at the conclusion of the event.

With the timeless beauty of Liberty Hall, this most likely won’t be the last time Her Campus Kean has an event in this part of campus. The Fall semester will bring a lot of opportunities for new and exciting activities, and after the success of the luncheon, a return to Liberty Hall is definitely in the near future.