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Kean Day

Kean Day!

This past Friday, our campus held the event Kean Day. Kean Day is a fun and exciting day for all students, staff, and faculty to attend and learn about the various organizations on our campus. We had a variety of student organizations from Greek Life, Non-Funded, Funded, Student Government, Honor Societies, and Residential Student Services Funded Group. Along beside the organizations, we also had a live DJ who hosted a dance contest where the winner received one-hundred dollars. There were also carnival games, activities, and food sponsored by the 7-eleven corporation.

This special day was also for the freshman class to get to know the student organizations on their campus a little better. For their Transition to Kean class, each student was assigned to various tables. Each student had to stop by that specified table and receive a sticker confirming that they attended “Kean Day.” Kean Day was overall a successful day, where everyone had the chance to recruit new members for their clubs, and also to just enjoy themselves and have a great time. 

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