Ihsaan Fleming

Name: Ihsaan  Fleming
Finance Major 
What are something's you've accomplished? I made it to college and I'm now a new Brother of Iota Phi Theta
What Kind of girls are you interested in? I like a girl with a good head on her shoulders, that could cook, nice body lol pretty(not that a looks are everything), independent.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself on the top of the world 
Ihsaan overall is a hardworking young man with many accomplishments. He lives by the motto "If opportunity doesn't knock, build yourself a door." From being a member of Iota Phi Theta to having a 3.2 GPA, Ihsaan has showed us that hard work is essential to life and that no matter what his dreams will be accomplished.
Ladies he's single !