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How To Achieve The Perfect Red Lip

As a woman who has a strong love for make-up I can admit that some lipstick colors just doesn’t look right on certain woman including myself. However, with the exception of a nice red lip. A red lip is beautiful on all women. Once figuring out the correct red for your complexion you will be able to get that bold, define, sexy look.

Red lipstick doesn’t just come in one color. There are many colors available for different complexions and for the look you want to achieve. Red lipstick colors are available in 4 different tones.

  • Warm skin tones

  • Cooler skin tones

  • Olive skin tones

  • Medium skin tones

Once you pick the correct shade of red for your lip it is very important to also purchase a lip liner similar to, or the exact color of the red you will be using. Lip liners are significantly important because it gives your lipstick a long lasting effect. Lip liners and pencils do the exact same thing. They both enhance your red lipstick and provide a more neat/polished look. Using a lip liner will prevent the lipstick from bleeding and staining your upper lip. Also when using a lip liner you will lightly trace the perimeter of your lips with the liner.

Once you decide on the red shade you want, you will then move on to consider the texture you want of that particular red shade. You can pick from a matte or sheen. I personally prefer a matte because it gives more of a bold natural look as opposed to a shiny lip.

Finally, you are ready to proceed with gaining that perfect red lip. After applying the lip liner you want to trace over the liner with the lipstick. Be careful to make sure you don’t go over the liner because it will stain.

Red is a captivating color on women of all skin tones. If it is done correctly you will soon be able to conquer the world! 

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