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Five reasons why men are no where near simple, but complicated when it comes to women!

In the movie “The Ugly Truth” Gerard Butler stressed that “men are simple” and no offense to Butler, but he has absolutely no clue what he is talking about! Men are the most complex human beings alive and they claim that they don’t know what a woman wants because she sends mixed signals, well here is the reality of the situation you men beat us to the punch! Now some men, very few actually are down to earth like they claim to be, but others? Forget it! It is like the song “blurred lines” men are a blur and these are the five mixed signals that men give women on a daily basis.

1.“I want to get to know you, lets catch up”


When you first meet a guy that you think is cute and his attraction to you is instant, or he thinks you are a nice person when first judging you, he will say this line “I want to get to know you, lets catch up. Can we exchange numbers?”

Ladies a man may give you his phone number, but do you actually think that he wants to get to know you? If the guy is a flirt which most likely he is, he will get annoyed by you texting or calling him, to ask about his hobbies or his day, and will immediately say that you are pushing things way too fast. Save yourself the hassle and just move on if a guy tells you that you are too intense after you only asked him one question!

2. “Want to hang out at school?”

When a man asks you “want to hang out at school?” women are expected to say yes, but when ladies ask the guy the same question in response, he gets totally awkward about the situation. Whether its through text, or phone call, if he is huge flirt with multiple women, he will turn you down and say “it will happen, when it happens”. What the heck type of response is that? Its not like you asked can we go out drinking at a quiet bar? What is so intimate about hanging out at school anyways, geesh? Guys if you want to get to know a girl then at least try to hang out with her in person and don’t give some lame response back to her when she asked in a friendly manner. How do you expect to be friends with a girl if you keep pushing her off?

3. “I like a woman who is confident”


Ladies have you ever been friends with a guy that told you “I like a woman who is confident.”? To most guys that claim that they want a confident woman, they mean that only to a certain level. They don’t want a woman to be overly confident saying that they can master anything, but meanwhile a guy can swear up and down that he can beat you at a game like baseball and rub it in your face. Seriously? Come on guys that is a little unfair right? If you can be overly confident then so can a woman. It is a two way street, not a one way street. Men think about what you say before you blurt out something that you will take back in an instant!

4. “I like a woman who makes the first move”

    Ladies guys always say “I like a woman who makes the first move”. If you actually believe that, then be careful. If you make a first move on a guy and say you are really cute he will smile, but classify you as a weird person. Also if you ask for his number first, don’t always expect the right one to come back to you. Most men, not all, will walk away and never chat with you. They will dodge your calls and messages claiming that they are not always on their phone. That is complete garbage! They may not be on their phone every few minutes, but they probably check their phone after twenty minutes to check if they missed anything and if they see that they had an incoming call from you, or a message, they will erase it and go on about their day like nothing happened. It hurts to hear this, but its true.

    5. “I like a woman who likes to try anything”

    Ladies when men say “I like a woman who likes to try anything”, they mean things that they are willing to try also. Some guys are genuinely interested in a woman’s favorite activities, but others just want to dominate the situation and choose where to go on a first date, or even just during a normal hangout. It is highly annoying and if a guy continues to be this controlling, then quickly drop any communication with him.

    Ladies if you constantly get these mixed signals from men, then take a break for awhile. Don’t try and rush into developing anything with a guy. Focus on hanging out with your girl friends that you can chat about anything with and that won’t take your mind on a roller coaster like a man does.    



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